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High-tech contact lenses zoom with a wink of an eye


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I'd like to see glasses able to perform the following:

telescopic vision

microscopic vision

camera function

AR ability


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Well Geordi Laforge you did not need that VISOR after all.

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Reformed - I'm waiting for x-ray vision specs.

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cue The 6 Million Dollar man music!

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"Swiss Researchers are developing".... is that correct.... everything and all involved appear to be American?

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And it's price/cost????

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Goody, goody....

Just imagine how helpful this will be! You drive along a main road at 60kmh, and as is the norm in Japan, someone without checking the road enters from a garage. There is oncoming traffic on the left, so no avoiding there, you will become a bit nervous and... blink? So the last thing you will see on this earth is the magnified number plate of the car in front of you... isn't that great?

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So if he winks at ya, he's zooming in on your bewbs

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So I have to admit I want these! Wonder how long it will be before they become afordable to the eeveryday user.

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