Holocaust survivors use AI imagery to keep stories alive

By Rami Amichay

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"Each one of them has a unique story and they have been through terrifying stuff," said Sol Leffler, who operates the AI software.

This is a great initiative.

Never forget.

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A great initiative that will hopefully include ALL the victims of the Holocaust not only the Jewish ones.

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The Holocaust is something that we cannot forget to prevent a repeat.

Interestingly the article discusses the problem of misinformation in general that can be easily applied to most news topics, the most significant these days is the c19 pandemic.

Grow up and stop being a victim

Very regressive and frankly a disgusting comment, considering the article is discussing the Holocaust.

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While I certainly support recording interviews as interviews, I do not think we need AI images. Even if the AI is very good, such images will be fake. They are being produced by a computer.

It's seven hours, but I'd recommend the documentary Shoah by Claude Lanzmann. It was made in 1985 so many of adult age during the war were still alive to bear witness to what happened.

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