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Homework will 'never be the same,' says ChatGPT founder


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A lot of people will not be able to function without GPT. Definitely a new generation.

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Artificial intelligence tools will revolutionize education like calculators did, but will not supplant learning

....."revolutonize"? that particular revolution resulted in most people working in shops having to resort to a calculator to add ¥500 and ¥300.... or deduct ¥750 yen from ¥1000....

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ChatGPT has captured the world's imagination

exactly!!!! 'capture' the human imagination. this is a process that's been going on for decades though, via mass-everything..... McMind.

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This guy sure gets around! Is he a CEO or head of marketing? The amount of coverage on this thing every day, everywhere.

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He also repeated previous attempts to calm fears that AI could make many existing jobs obsolete, though he conceded that "some jobs will go away".

"I don't think it is going to quite have the employment impact that people expect," he added, insisting that "new classes of jobs" will emerge. "Almost all of the predictions are wrong."

He is modifying his tune as the tech becomes more widespread. Reams of white-collar jobs are already being cut, downsized.

This is not automation replacing human or animal muscle power for repetitive work. This is narrow ASI that outperforms the average on a variety of intellectual tasks such as copywriting, coding, diagnosis.

He has previously written some sort of UBI, subsidy for the US of our data will be necessary.


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Stop giving homework then. Let kids do all the work in the classroom and spend their free time doing other stuff. Or, have them read at home and do the ‘homework’ or essay/test in the classroom on paper.

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As simulation of intelligence increases, so will foolishness. We can already see where distributed intelligence, as embodied in bureaucratic structures, creates the same thing.

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Artificial intelligence tools will revolutionize education like calculators did, but will not supplant learning

That's what I think. People won't be dumber- its just that knowledge and learning will evolve, same as technology.

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I think education will change drastically. The time it takes to learn something will be decreased exponentially. I suggest going along with this, using any AI chatbots to help students learn in their own ways. Decrease the amount of homework, and the amount of time spent at school. Give them more time to spend on things they actually enjoy, creating a better, happier future generation.

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All teachers have got to do is flip the classroom. During the pandemic, when my uni was all online, I had to live-stream my higher-level course classes and I recorded them just in case. Now, I have the students watch the videos out of class and do the assignments in class (with no computer aid - only each other and myself for help). I flipped the classroom. Their classwork is much more collaborative and is producing very good results. As for essays and reports, just add a personal aspect to it that AI can't do: "Appy the content learnings of this course to your past / present / future personal or professional circumstances. Support your answer with personal examples and anecdotes." Or, "Which parts of the course do you personally find the most and least useful. Why?" Also, make oral exams. This is for uni, but it can easily be adapted for elementary high school.

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ChatGPT has captured the world's imagination with its capacity to generate human-like conversations, writing and translations in seconds.

> But it has raised concern across many sectors, including in education, where some worry students will abuse the tool or turn to it rather than producing original work.

One of the worst things ever created. It may take a while but people WILL realize that, probably when it's way too late. Machines that do critical thinking tasks in order to remove human error in regards to safety and efficiency are very helpful. Ones that do the work and thinking that an individual human should be doing, while being able to remove the human component completely, are helpful but existentially dangerous in the long run. AI is turning people into robots and zombies.

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Nothing will happen, at least not on a big scale. Yes, the technology is quite impressive, but at a closer look it’s full of errors and it will remain such. So if you use AI , it may be faster and bring more results or information than we humans are capable of coming up with, but then you soon lose the time again you’ve thought you won, because you can’t use the AI results properly unless you are as similarly educated or intelligent as the AI systems. You will have to learn a lot too, in order to detect fakes, errors, wrong information or other unrelated output, or just simply to be able to slightly understand what the AI is talking about. You can compare it with smartphones, some are already smart themselves and don’t need it so much while others are only smart when the smartphone is near and available and battery fully loaded. The same here, some won’t have to use AI so intensely or too often, because they already are intelligent, and all the big rest will try hard to get at least some intelligence even if it is only an external one and artificial. Let’s finally see it positive and pragmatic, a false or copied AI result is still better than none at all.

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He just looking for free publicity ,I use AI to pick my lottery number that I play against,million use AI to lottery with no luck and do not get one number

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Homework needs to end and be replaced with in class assignments where phones can be confiscated. Maybe assign reading as homework.

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However teachers adapt with new strategies to AI technology, students will also have to adapt to learning in new ways from the stuff they copy. For the human animal learning is innate, a natural and necessary means of growth and self-actualization and won't be terminated by technology, but rather enhanced.

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My tin foil hat says people are going to slowly become computer dependent blobs. Lol.

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They are all in it together main goal is make it seem like it’s a horrible thing to have but the global elite is encouraging this as they want to dumb down the entire world so they can’t fight back

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Just part of the technology (r)evolution that's been occurring all around us.

Most people, esp younger people, take for granted things like their modern cars, smartphones, PCs, Air-cons, Booking systems, music devices etc etc already without a single thought of what's behind it. No-one had this tech 50 years ago and we all survived and flourished - well most of us. And we all mostly accepted all the new developments.

Granted this time Generative AI is a significant shift, but it was always coming.

Making preparations, taking precautions, involve education and possibly create legislation will be necessary, because there's one single guarantee - AI in all it's forms is not going away.

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Doesn't he know that Japanese university students pass no matter what?

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Why has AI not solve all the misery in the world,but made a lots of people more miserable worry about it

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People...this changes EVERYTHING.

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Looks like big final exams it is then, if students cant be trusted to do coursework themselves. Japan wont have to change anything.

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Japancat,I could out think any AI machine

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And the way we teach people is going to have to change and the way we evaluate students is going to have to change.

Change has been necessary in education for decades now but has been slow and stubborn. If it takes AI to make us reinvent the game, then so be it. Welcome finally to a more collaborative, communicative, AI-assisted investigative way of learning. Rote learning a thing of the past. Bring it!

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Homework will have to be checked for chatGPT submissions. More work for the teachers.

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There has been a lot of conversation in education over the past 30 years about the increasing amounts of homework and the negative detriment that this has caused esp. for primary school kids.

Maybe AI will help put an end to this spiraling problem.

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Name one law against, unless the truth hurts,it obviously you have doubt,you would said you are an American

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Talking about AI in the land of the hanko and fax machine.

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One question remains. Did Sam Altman actually the author of his own words or he also skipped his homework and generated the entire speech.

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The guys not exactly going to say anything honestly negative about the impact of the technology. Beware.

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The movie Idiocracy was painful to watch, but literally everything in it has been playing out just as the director predicted.

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