Honda begins production of cars with zero-emission hydrogen fuel cells


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I don't mean to spoil this wonderful press release disguised as a news story, but water vapor is the primary gas responsible for the greenhouse effect.

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Anthropogenic greenhouse gases from water vapor? I think there are greater concerns. For example, where and how the hydrogen is produced. Hyrdogen itself is only an energy carrier, so if the cars are plugged into a grid that is coal fired, what's the point?

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Yes, but the power station has a concentrated point where it would be easier to control pollution etc., plus it would be more effcicent that millions of petrol/gasoline engined cars and relatively ineffcient cpared with a power station, running around polluting th world wherever they are driven !

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Suzu, water vapour is a natural greenhouse gas. Considering that our planet is 70% covered by water I don't think there's much to worry about.

If you produce the hydrogen and oxygen for the fuel cell by splitting water using electricity then there's nothing to worry about.

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Doesn't water vapor make rain, and doesn't rain that clean our air?? hmmm

I am missing something here

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Hey has anyone experimented with Brown's gas???? I have been reading more and more about this

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But what is the impact on environment by making these vehicles?

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Heavy impact.

Plastics, Lubes, etc are still oil-based.

Just a plaster at most, majority of the oil industry goes into plastics, clothing, lubricants, etc. Gasoline was is a by-product of the refining process and thus was cheap and pushed electric cars out some 100yrs go.

If you thin you think oil prices affect only fuel/gas prices you are way mistaken. 90+ goes to industries that produce gods we love and cherish in our every day life.

Imagine a car without plastic, lubricants, etc.

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Well if we go towards hybrids and alternatives fuels, this will bring down oil demand and all these oil based produces will have no reason to increase in prive and by all means come down in expense.

We have a small convenient store and the price of plastic caused just a single bottle of soda to take a jump in price a couple of times over the last couple of years. Of course it effect everything, from shipment of raw materials to the production line and shipment out, let alone the oil based products themselves. All is a chain reaction from the basic raw material to the finished products and those products reaching the center where they will be used. Tremendous additional costs all the way around. A little here, a little there, and through who knows how many hands by the time a product reaches the consumer. Just the shipments alone along the process of getting to a final destination and making of a finished product is cost upon cost.

When and if the reliance can come down on oil, all the better for all of us that is not part of the industry associated with petroleum. Plus there are many synthetic alternatives to those items such as lubricants, and as for clothing, maybe it is time to go back to natural fibers and earth friendly materials. As you said, at one time oil based products where cheap.. Not any more!.

But as for gasoline and diesel, we are getting the blunt end of the stick over and over again from travel to products bought from the beginning as being the raw materials itself.. These increases in oil and what ever the profits that are being made at the refineries is taking its toll on every day life and every day activities. All that is being spent , or should say given to the oil companies, is not being spent on other items… One only has a limit to funds available. Although oil and all associated with the expense increase, this does not put more money in ones pocket. Seems OPEC should be considered a monopoly…..What are these countries doing with all this extra income,, geez!!!! Time to go straight forward to alternatives. Like our technology is not there yet. I think this is a farce!

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