Honda to test fuel-cell taxis

By Takashi Takada

Honda Motor Co Ltd will start operation of taxis using its "Clarity Fuel Cell" fuel-cell vehicle (FCV) on a trial basis in July.

The period of the test operation is planned to be three years. This project is aimed at expanding the application of FCVs, which are currently used only for government and municipal offices. Also, driving data, etc obtained through the test operation will be used for research and development for improving FCV performance.

Honda will conduct the test with help from Teito Motor Transportation Co Ltd, Sendai Taxi in Miyagi Prefecture, Omiya Jidosha in Saitama Prefecture and Hino Traffic Co Ltd in Yokohama.

Honda will lease two vehicles to each of Teito Motor Transportation and Sendai Taxi and one vehicle to each of Omiya Jidosha and Hino Traffic. The four taxi companies will use the FCVs for commercial purpose.

The FCV can travel about 750 km per charge, and it takes about three minutes to fill the vehicle with hydrogen. It is a sedan-type FCV with five seats.

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Not many vehicles at all, but this is the way it starts. Fleets of taxis and commercially owned vehicles will get bigger and bigger, which will support the infrastructure, which lowers costs and widens the markets. The article really should mention that the H2 you put into your car is free, for now, so if you drive the vehicle A LOT, the high price tag might still make it useful for you.

Not sure when I will be getting my FCV. I was really excited about getting one until I found out I had to wait because there was no H2 nearby. Then I found out that the H2 station will be a good distance from my home. Then I found out that it has no plug in capability for charging just for short trips.

They want people to buy them and use them intensively every day, and I am just not that kind of driver. So I will just have to sit back and watch for a while.

"The FCV can travel about 750 km per charge, and it takes about three minutes to fill the vehicle w"

You know, a conspiracy theorist would conclude from the FCV coverage that the press has been bought off by Tesla. I have yet to see an FCV article written by someone who is not an idiot, or who has an idea what a fuel cell is or what it does. An FCV is not "charged" with hydrogen. It has a tank that gets filled up with H2 from a pump at a filling station. Do you "charge" your car with fossil fuel gasoline? Like I said, a conspiracy theorist would conclude that all of this erroneous coverage occurs on purpose, but an alternative hypothesis is that every journalist on the planet knows less about most things than I do. Could that really be true?

Or there is the breathless slobbering about how x is the greatest thing ever, like home battery systems, but they just wind up being impossible to justify financially. More useless journalism. Sigh. I guess it is nice that people know more about these technologies, but it usually comes with such a large dose of misinformation that I wonder if it is worth it.

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Let me suggest something truly revolutionary: JapanToday should make some donation to Wikipedia, just a teeny tiny amount, and then put a link, just ONE LINK, at the end of every story, to a related topic. It would get people thinking, or it might present an alternate viewpoint, or maybe not.

AND/OR put a link to one or more earlier JapanToday stories. You already have the stories, so it costs you zero to guide people to those earlier stories and get a few more page views. Anyone clicking on today's story is KNOWN to be interested in the topic, so send them to other stories on the same topic.

We can have smarter readers, smarter comments, and more page views. Minimal cost.

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I like the way you think, 5SpeedRacer5!

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