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How AI 'revolution' is shaking up journalism

By Carole Guirado and Joseph Boyle

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Journalists are "afflicted with the syndrome of the great technological replacement, but I don't believe in it", Rognetta said. "The robots alone are just not capable of producing articles. There is still a part of journalistic work that cannot be delegated."

IMHO, it is not the LLM that will kill journalism, but the content farms, click bait articles and paid syndicated content that are killing it. This kind of content can clearly be easily automated by present LLM.

Real investigative journalism, mostly with a leftist view, like with Chris Hedges or even going back to Hunter S. Thompson, is still difficult to fake or automate.

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Using chatGPT is nothing different than asking Google/blogs/comments to write your news, where do you think chatGPT is grabbing its neural network database? Post enough garbage on the net like "red is not different than blue" and chatGPT will simply believe it and repeat it, it has no means to know what is right or wrong, even the thumb down/up feedback can be manipulated by trolls.


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If your contribution can be obtained by the use of ChatGPT maybe this is a sign it was of not a very good quality from the beginning. As the article describe the technology is incapable of doing an adequate work in journalism without constant guidance from a human with that capacity, which means someone is still "writing" the article using AI only as a tool.

If anybody has anything to worry that would be the people that make their living writing hundreds of low quality articles without real meaning or benefit for anybody, ChatGPT can easily replace them spewing out the same trash without anybody noticing.

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AI isn’t and won’t be at all the problem. The damage has long been done with all those wokeness, framing, propaganda and censorship.

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Journalism? That died about 50 years ago!

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OMG! It’s Skynet!!

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