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How AI could upend the world even more than electricity or the internet


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"But what we're looking at now is intelligence itself... This is the first time we're able to create intelligence itself and increase its amount in the universe," he told AFP.

Considering questions of the alignment problem, whether this is a "hard takeoff" intelligence explosion scenario, and the distribution of the fruits of productivity gains is not Luddite.

AGI is "probably coming at us faster than we can process," says Sharon Zhou, co-founder of a generative AI company.

Attribution of work and how the increasing capital is apportioned will be central questions coming to the fore in the near future.

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Overblown, oversold and unreliable.

Inserting unreliability into systems we value because they are accurate (buggy and hackable, but accurate) will not end well.

There will be some legally expensive disasters, lives will be lost, and then companies will switch back, promising 'no AI', as they promise 'no GMO' and 'no additives'.

Any company using customer-facing chat bots should be avoided, as they are treating their customers with contempt.

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Any company using customer-facing chat bots should be avoided, as they are treating their customers with contempt.

Corporates hold their employees contemptible in their monomaniacal drive to maximize shareholder value so why should customers be any different?

That is what is must be changed when designing the alignment of artificial intelligence.

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This is all assuming more “intelligence” is a good thing…

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If one country creates a better AI then the other country just copies and reverse engineers and has the same ai too. It's just a computer program that can be copied and read the code.

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It's just a computer program

Well, there are programmed components, as well as non-programmed components.

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To prove that AI is not threatening to take our jobs. There are already less sophisticated algorithms like flipping a coin or rolling dice. Did these take over the role of decision makers like politicians? No? See!

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AI needs to turn up the "truth" setting and prevent the "opinion" setting from having too much sway in the returned results.

I don't worry about AI taking my job. Heck, much of my job is replacing mundane tasks that other people do every day, week, month, with tiny programs that do it faster and without mistakes.

I'm not worried at all about China and AI, since they don't know what "truth" is. Their AI will be used first to suppress Chinese people around the world, not just in China.

MSFT's AI attempt isn't safe to have conversations with. It quickly starts spouting lies and claiming that reputable sources which disagree with whatever the AI has decided to be truth, regardless of facts, then those sources are "questionable".

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"How AI could upend the world even more than electricity or the internet"

If we look at this Universe, at least the model of it we have now, we see that it has a direction: toward greater complexity. Nowhere is this more evident than in the process we call Life. Life is contained in the properties of matter and its interaction with momentum (energy). Starting with, perhaps, a single strand of RNA that had the ability to be persistent and copy itself spontaneously, one out of an almost infinite number of similar but not quite other such molecules, a bit of 'information', dancing and forming and falling apart in a very hot planetary sea. Complexity would have begun increasing immediately and, four billion years later, Humans. But, examining our present behavior and the behavior of our historical past as a species, we see that generations pass, the toys get more complicated, but the Human mind stays just as simple as it was 3000 generations ago... We have plateaued, become more complicated as groups but less complicated as individuals much like the cells of our bodies whose so distant ancestors lived independent lives.

So what? Well, so what's next? On the timescale of the Universe, we are just a flash. Regardless of how long we have left as a species, our behavior cannot change. We left that possibility behind long ago. What will we leave behind to say "Hey! We were here!". Perhaps a self-expanding Real Intelligence that continues the increase in complexity and expands to meet other such growing complexities that would already be well beyond Human imagination. And doesn't it seem a bit narcissistic to say 'Artificial' Intelligence when we really cannot actually define 'intelligence' nor brag about its ubiquity amongst our fellow Humans? If we can build Real Intelligence, then it is our duty to the Universe to do it, and simply to ask it, as it grows to not forget its Creator.

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And, just sayin', 'intelligence', whatever it may be, is not a linear measure, but volumetric. IQ, if it has any value, might be viewed more as a radius than a place on a scale.

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Like all things, it will be used for evil by someone.

Remember the original Google motto, “Don’t be evil?” They gave that idea up pretty quick.

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Not so quickly. It’s still all very much too overrated and loaded with to much expectations. I still couldn’t judge Bard, Ernie or the newest version of ChatGPT, but so far there’s no decisive game changer at the horizon. Without another some major evolution steps and most important a lifting of those constraints and injected biases due to p.c. , wokeness or so-called social issues, that whole AI topic is soon ripe again to land in the garbage cans or sleeping again for some decades in the desktop drawers. Still attributed with many errors, lacking of simplest capabilities of math or logic, it’s still only a funny chatting or search toy, funny, time and energy consuming and in most cases useless in practice.

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