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How China's TikTok, Facebook influencers push propaganda


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Janssen told AP he’s never accepted money from the Chinese government. But when pressed for details about some of his partnerships with Chinese tech firms, Janssen responded only with questions about an AP’s reporter salary.

sounds like someone with nothing to hide.


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“If you just bombard an audience for long enough with the same narratives people will tend to believe them over time.”

That works both ways too though, unless people think that only China is capable of propaganda. I can think off a few western talking points, even very recent ones, that are often accepted as truth just from mass repetition. It is pretty much the textbook definition of what propaganda is.

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YouTubers Matthew Tye, an American, and Winston Sterzel, who is from South Africa, believe, in many cases, China is paying for content.

Their YT channel is: ADV Podcasts ... live on Friday nights (US time). There's a bunch of stuff in there that might not be interesting.

Matt and Winston lived in China for 10+ yrs each, married Chinese women and worked there. Both are fluent in Mandarin, so the little jokes that don't translate - well, they catch them. I think they left when the modest freedoms non-Chinese had were on the verge of being taken away. They have insight into the way the CCP Chinese think and pass that insight on.

Just be prepared to skip 2-5 minutes at a time to get through their videos. Sometimes they spend too much time on a topic that is easily understood. They seem to go after any English rap songs produced by the CCP Govt as a weekly joke, but that's just a tiny part before they get into the meat of each episode.

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Their most recent video https://youtu.be/BYmwzQakPSE shows how the CCP-Govt uses electric fences to force quarantines. There are thousands of Chinese people protesting the forced COVID lockdowns - we'll never see these videos outside China ... except the ADV guys have friends all over China feeding them videos.

Xi Xi is up for election soon ... alas, there won't be any election. It is a political party crowning.

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I see so many Chinese Youtubers pushing this narrative painting China as this dreamy fantasy land.

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Thank god US has never conducted any kind of propaganda activity and that it only exists in China and Russia!

(see my username)

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Funny how TikTok is now being used for propaganda purposes by Joe Biden.

People should watch Jason Lightfoot's videos to see how deceptive the BBC have been, changing the color in his videos to make the trees gray with Photoshop, and when exposed, BBC quietly changed it back. His videos also shows some home truths about how America's infrastructure is rotting - in particular the subway systems.

Matthew Tye is a nasty piece of work most probably paid by the US government, or NED. He made a video where he dug up a disturbed grave near a beach in Taiwan and forced his wife to pick up bones. He has a habit of making racist remarks about his Chinese wife and Eurasian kid. He and his friend were the ultimate Charisma Men in China, and left when locals, particularly the girls stopped paying them attention and they weren't treated as the special gaijins (or laoweis) anymore. Bitter.

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I see so many Chinese Youtubers pushing this narrative painting China as this dreamy fantasy land.

It's not just them. There have been many foreign Muslim tourists who have visited China including Xinjiang. They have been enjoying the sights, food and attending mosques which can be found everywhere.

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Influencer. Vapid & insipid.

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So everyone who parrots your government's narrative is speaking the truth. Everyone who parrots other governments or simply holds other views is peddling propaganda and is a threat and an enemy of the people.

The inference is that your government should control access to what you see on the net, and should only permit its own version of the truth to be heard. Hence the British government's newly minted Internet censorship bill.

We have definitely arrived in Orwell's 'Nineteen Eighty-Four'.

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I think many criticizing here didn't read the article. It's about the CCP paying people to push the government 's narrative.

Of course, people should be able share their own views, but if they're working for/sponsored by a government, readers should at least know that fact.

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