How commercial satellites are shaping the Ukraine conflict


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its a shame that there couldnt be a missile strike on this convoy of trucks.

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Brian, using these GPS dots on Google Map, that give the Longitude and Latitude axis of the highway, Tomahawk missile could damage the highway and impede their progress Tomahawk GPS Guidance

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Yrral, while US forces could certainly destroy that convoy in a matter of minutes with airpower and / cruise missiles and leave it looking like that Iraqi convoy on the freeway outside of Kuwait, doing so would ignite WW3. It is not going to happen. I could see some Russian made aircraft from NATO allies somehow finding their way into Ukraine one at a time in the dark of the night, maybe with Ukrainian markings painted on them before leaving their NATO nation home, but direct US involvement in attacks on Russian forces is off the table. You can be sure Ukrainian forces have the most recent and accurate intelligence NATO has, which is no small advantage. They have been training with US and Canadian forces for a couple of years in western Ukraine. And from things I am seeing in the defense press NATO is finding ways to fulfill Ukraine requests for weapons in as little as a day or even less.

Interesting aside but the Russians have already lost two of their Generals, one from an airborn unit and another who was a Chechen armored brigade commander who was killed when they lost 56 tanks in combat.

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Btw, here is a little motivational video:

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I wonder how the Russian military personnel feel about fighting a war they did not want or need at the whime of a little man with a fragile ego!

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