Fashion retailer Zozo offers tech specs to help buyers get skin tone right

By Sam Nussey

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Nice, however. I believe such technologies dumbdowns the nation and the need for talent decrease as we rely too much on AI.

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Great, just waiting for the person who will claim that the software mistaken their skin color for something what they are not...

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First world problem...

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If they are handing the glasses out for free like the Zozosuits, someone should make an app for colour calibrating screens and printers with them. You can buy gizmos for doing it, but they are not free.

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They have nice stuff.

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This is actually igenious, and many girls do have issues finding proper foundation makeup. So yeah, nicely done! Calibration sheets usually cost pretty money, so it's quite impressive if they're able to print those glasses to the required consistency...

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