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How superconductors work and what it means to have resistance-free electricity

By Mishkat Bhattacharya

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JT - thank you for an interesting article. One such type a day would be great.

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Not so many people reading or commenting here, that’s telling the other, the real story of how future will look like. lol

Anyway, it’s better than nothing and I would also like to encourage to bring more of such articles.

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This development is right around the corner.

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With recent advances providing exciting news, both researchers looking at the fundamental physics of high-temperature superconductivity as well as technologists waiting for new applications are paying attention.

Interesting article, appreciated. It would be nice if the 'recent advances' were expanded upon. Nevertheless, good work.

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Already have some idea how superconductors work

Part of the univ courses and labs near RIT

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