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How Japan's big plans for a 'hydrogen society' fell flat

By Etienne BALMER

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Japan is "the only G7 member" pushing for co-firing , describing it as a "national policy to keep the 'sunset' industry (of thermal power stations) alive".

Japan has it's own agenda for hydrogen, which use hydrogen only for storing energy from coal or other non-renewable resources.

Instead, Japan opted for so-called "grey" hydrogen, made using greenhouse gas-emitting coal, petrol or gas, and "blue" hydrogen, which also comes from fossil fuels but with the carbon emissions captured and stored.

How Japan's big plans for a 'hydrogen society' fell flat

Any Japan big plans recently is fell flat, in many aspect.


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Another big plan that went right over my head. I think the LDP's PR team might need a reboot.

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Everything slowed down during Covid... Give it a minute...

Juggling numbers from the past 2 years is a waste of time...

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an exciting prospect on paper

aren't they all!

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Fell flat ? This is only the opinion of the author with no clear comparison, and figures to compare with other countries.

Some major trading companies are now developing the supply chain for green ammonia/hydrogen.

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Currently, it looks like EVs are VHS and Hydrogen is Betamax. Both are still too expensive, but EVs look like they will decline in price faster.

Japan often does things differently and will continue to do so. But if it wants to export cars, it may need to build EVs. That will impact on the hydrogen vehicle market.

For domestic use, solar/wind and storage cells are likely to win out.

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Too many meetings. Too many rules. Not enough support, no enough infrastructure, not enough guts.All the innovations are coming from the USA and China. Hydrogen trucks in the USA. Haven’t even seen on here. Only ever saw one hydrogen Honda. Seen a few Toyotas and a couple of hydrogen stations.

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Those thorium reactors promised 50 years ago were supposed to give us the energy needed to make hydrogen the fuel of the future we read about long ago.

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Fell flat ? This is only the opinion of the author with no clear comparison, and figures to compare with other countries.

Some major trading companies are now developing the supply chain for green ammonia/hydrogen.

Well said and the EU and the US are both pouring money into hydrogen:

Germany plans 1,800 km hydrogen pipeline network: draft government paper




U.S. Department of Energy Announces History $7 Billion Funding Opportunity to Jump-Start America’s Clean Hydrogen Economy




So what is AFP talking about?

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@Spooky Tea

So what is AFP talking about?


The article itself include reference to other with the key difference is that they are developing green hydrogen while Japan is going for grey and blue hydrogen.

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Boys be ambitious!

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I guess it’s all and only about making quick money or grabbing tax money support. Every week a new concept or new hype, in the hope it gets public or governmental attention and then brings some profits, before it surely lands too in the paper garbage can. Maybe stopping all those weird attempts would be a very great contribution for saving resources and energy, how about that as a first and practicable measure?

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These bureaucrats thought hydrogen was a form of energy. They needed to be familiar with the laws of thermodynamics.

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Of course it will fall flat, just like so many other proposals and wasted money spent by administration after administration.

Until the major utilities get on board, and are satisfied their future is not in jeopardy it will always be a niche market.

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World NOT interested in proprietary expensive risky tech. with no existing infrastructure when OPEN inexpensive low risk technologies compatible with existing infrastructure READILY available, like wind, solar, batteries, etc.

We ALL remember LEGACY NUCLEAR, cash cow no innovation somebody's else risk if melt's down mentality!

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Over here as well, it seems as if we have been on the verge of a hydrogen revolution ever since the middle of the last century. If only we wait another decade or two, all will be solved through the miracle of hydrogen power, or so the saying goes.

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Start up all the nuclear power stations and make more, we need a guarantee of electricity at all times. High prices effect the vulnerable the most. The green agenda is just that an agenda by people who hope their idea will work and be cost effective. Thus far this hasn’t proved to be the case.

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Water vapor is a greenhouse gas.

Don’t tell anyone!

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Water vapor is a greenhouse gas.

Don’t tell anyone!

By all means tell everyone, its important that people understand the processes driving climate change.

This is what NASA has to say about it:


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Water vapor is a greenhouse gas.

It's not a secret. But it's a little different from other greenhouse gases in that it can condense to make clouds and rain.

I guess you mentioned it because burning hydrogen will possibly produce more water vapor in the atmosphere. But if other greenhouse gas emissions are reduced (e.g. carbon dioxide), it's not so clear what the result would be. More clouds help keep the heat in but also help keep the heat of the sun out.


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"How Japan's big plans for a 'hydrogen society' fell flat" - new bestseller from the oil lobby ....

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