How to find and delete where Google knows you've been


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 Under Settings Safari Search Engine, you can find other options like Bing or DuckDuckGo. 

Because letting Microsoft (Bing) know everything you do is any better than letting Google know?!?

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Well, it is indeed a puzzling service. With quite some displeasure I noticed it a couple of weeks ago... the mobile is keeping track of where I am going and how much time I need to do it, without me setting up anything and without me needing that service. Now, while I know that with the right tools somoebody (like the police or else) could track me through my phone, I do not like the idea that my phone do that providing that info to who knows who, without me setting it up.

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Who cares? I don't. What could be done with that info? Unless I'm the only one in the world living an ordinary life. . .

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Just because google let's you hide what they show you, that doesn't mean they actually deleted anything. Data is their goal. All data, any data. They will use it to profile you, your whereabouts, your habits. These all go into an advertising profile they use to target ads you might be near/interested in. There are over 100 other domains capturing data for google even if you aren't a google user.

Facebook is the same.

So is twitter, linkedIn, Apple, Microsoft, Dropbox, etc, and all the big cloudy applications.

Making data unavailable isn't the same as "deleting from view" and that isn't the same as deleting it completely, from everywhere, that google maintains data.

Be wary of claims about your data being safe. It has been proven over and over that the person making those claims is way out of the loop for what actually happens, even the CEO.

For people who don't see this as an issue, nobody cares, they say. Knowing where you are also tells people where you aren't. Thieves love to know when you are far away from home and when that is. Better to break into your home then. And there's always the story of Wiggy007

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A story about google tracking from AP, even if you tell google NOT to track you, explicitly.,-like-it-or-not

An AP investigation found that Google saves your location history even if you’ve paused “Location History” on mobile devices. This map shows where Princeton privacy researcher Gunes Acar travelled over several days, from data saved to his Google account despite “Location History” being off.

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They will use it to profile you, your whereabouts, your habits. These all go into an advertising profile they use to target ads you might be near/interested in

Sounds useful. If they are going to advertise I would rather it was something I was interested in and near.

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