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Huawei announces 5G smartphone based on own technology


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Own technology = illegally acquired Western technology counterfeit.

China has counterfeit international landmarks, counterfeit Apple stores, Uniqlos, and restaurants. Of course, they will steal and counterfeit technology, and sale that same technology to the West with backdoors, so the Chinese government can spy on Western nations.

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agree! ban these phones. They are a security risk, and lets have an embargo on Chinese products.

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Well their 4Gs are great, and very popular over here, and it looks like their 5G will be the first to market too, sorry but the sun is setting on American dominance, let's see how China manages World environment and peace.

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Well, it won't be the first to market in countries they're banned

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Huawei's 4G are great because they licensed that technology from Qualcomm - it's not their own chips

This 5G is their first own technology chip and modem - we'll see how good it is

For comparison, latecomer Intel's 4G technology wasn't that good compared to Qualcomm's such that people avoided buying the version of iPhones that has Intel 4G in them, instead of Qualcomm

It's not easy making new technology

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Yes: created no doubt, with the assistance of state sponsored Espionage Specialists.

No thanks.

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Own technology = illegally acquired Western technology counterfeit.

Not necessarily. There are tons of Chinese engineers in Silicon Valley, who can be snatched up with a big pay and quickly form a development team. Heck, Huawei's recruiting campaign isn't limited to ethnic Chinese and it recruits American, Taiwanese, and Korean engineers as well with a promise of a big pay.

Huawei Japan was offering a starting salary of 400,000 Yen per month to new graduates, double the rate of Japanese major corporations and average Huawei employee in China makes $120K/year, Huawei is willing to pay for top talent and this is why they can quickly form engineering teams.

@Will Goode

it looks like their 5G will be the first to market too

Yea, but strangely in Korea, not in China, as Korea is launching 5G at least one year ahead of China.


Huawei's 4G are great because they licensed that technology from Qualcomm - it's not their own chips

This is a generic patent IP license. Huawei is not using Qualcomm's modem technology. This really is Huawei's own modem.

Think about it. mobile communication requires modem on both ends, the telco side and the user side. Huawei is the biggest telco equipment supplier in the world and uses its own modems to build telco basestations, so why wouldn't Huawei be able to build the modem on the user side?

I understand Japanese desire to look down on Chinese, but the reality is that Chinese have surpassed Japanese in telecommunication and electronics industry, only Japanese in Japan aren't aware of this fact.

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Huawei's own technology = modified stolen technology.

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Japan will lose totally in a few years if not acts wisely. Technology is fast moving toward China, and the time is now to become a part of her.

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