Huawei controversy opens field for 5G challengers

By Erwan LUCAS

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"I think it's a major challenge for NEC. It requires more than radios, it requires investing in people who can do system integration, sales, customer support, network design and engineering,"

Precisely what kind of people have they been hiring then for the last few decades?

Japan once lead the world in mobile phones and networks...didn't they need those kinds of people then?

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What happened to domestic companies?

How come the world's 3rd and 6th largest economies have to keep relying on foreign ones?

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NEC does have some advantages, including a partnership in Japan with mobile operator Rakuten. The firms have already cooperated on a 4G network and are now jointly developing a 5G system.

The Japanese firm is also a leader on undersea cables, fibre optic networks and -- thanks to its affiliate Netcracker -- logistics management software.

First, beef up your cyber-security. So that the CCP's cyber idiots will stop stealing your info.

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5G has still not been proven to be safe.

High bursts of energy from antennas and higher amounts of cell phone radiation do not bode well for health...

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5G has still not been proven to be safe.

Repeat after me: mm waves are not microwaves

To say nothing of the fact that most 5G to date has been sub-6GHz, not mm wave in the first place.

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@kurisupisu: Oh, seriously, more of this conspiracy nonsense. Heard it all before when we all switched from Analog to GSM, then to 3G and 4G. Load of old poppycock. Perfectly safe.

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Please show us the studies that have verified safety, yes?

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