Huawei unit cuts more than 600 jobs following U.S. sanctions


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My Huawei cell phone is a lemon. Besides not liking Android, and having a phone with it in Japan, I am amazed at how SoftBank, Yahoo Mobile, Google, and Huawei itself pry into my own private being. I cannot escape it keeps crashing over and over again, and even right after a system update. Cannot wait for this contract to end so I can buy a real iPhone.

I hope these workers apply to Apple.

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Apple phones are no better. stop bully Huawei. Jealousy is the worst form of human incapability.

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OK, it doenst really matter most of these jobs are in sales and marketing which has a high turnover so it doenst really affect anything

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stop bully Huawei.

Stop stealing American and Japanese technology.

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China May have the technology to save man from its current crisis. The Mini Sun Created in China has 8 to 10 times more output power. Huawei needs to start selling this. I even believe if it were placed in the Arctic may it could restore the Magnetic North Pole to its original location.

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