Perovskite solar cells set up at Henna Hotel Photo: Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch installs perovskite solar cells at hotel

By Sousuke Kudou

Huis Ten Bosch Co Ltd has installed perovskite solar cells, which are attracting attention as next-generation solar cells, at a hotel.

Huis Ten Bosch increased the number of beds in the Henna (Weird) Hotel Huis Ten Bosch accommodation facility and opened the south wing building in the third construction phase on Dec 21. The company is using perovskite solar cells for the building.

Huis Ten Bosch employed a film-type perovskite solar cell developed by Poland-based Saule Technologies. Its transparency is higher than those of similar products developed by other companies. Huis Ten Bosch installed 72 units of the cell by sandwiching them between walls made of transparent materials. The output is 15W, and power generated with the cells is used as a power source for illuminating a billboard of the new wing.

For the future, Huis Ten Bosch said it will expand the use of the cell to the entire facility and introduce plant-derived storage batteries to supply electricity to guest rooms. The south wing is a two-storied building made of wood and has 56 guest rooms.

The Henna Hotel is a next-generation smart hotel where robot-based services were introduced to improve productivity.

Huis Ten Bosch runs a mega (large-scale) solar power plant in a neighboring area owned by the company. It installed a 250kW solar power generation (PV) system on the roof of the Henna Hotel and is selling electricity generated. The hotel is also equipped with a stand-alone system that combines a 62kW rooftop PV system and a hydrogen storage and supplies all the power consumed in 12 rooms.

Including solar panels installed in the theme park and at directly-managed hotels and the mega solar plant, the total capacity of PV systems managed by Huis Ten Bosch exceeds 4MW.

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That sounds like good technology, lets see it spread more widely

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Here in California about 12% of the electrical energy generated in-state is solar. We put solar panels on our roof in 2017 and pay almost nothing for electricity. The panels will pay for themselves in about 10 years, are guaranteed for 20 years, and should last until the next re-roof, at about 30 years.

In Japan about 5% of the electricity generated is from solar. In the USA as a whole, less than 2% of electrical energy is generated from solar.

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