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Human roadblock for Japanese firms developing autonomous cars


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There must be a huge market for elderly drivers, I can guess, who might not be fully responsible for a 'normal' car.

Would you need to carry a license, then, or would it be more like riding in a taxi? Could you fall asleep when you feel like it? How about young people under the age for driving? Can you use a smart phone, play games? Who is ultimately in charge, the person or the machine?

Modern airliners are already close to fully automated. The pilots are still in charge however, and they will be there for quick reactions in emergencies. In fact it may be simpler to program an aircraft to fly from A to B, than to get an automobile to drive on public roads.

Quote: “It compensates for human error, which causes more than 90% of all car accidents. As a result, time spent behind the wheel is safer, more efficient and more fun,” he said.

Hahaha, Carlos Ghosn has surely overstepped the mark with use of the word 'fun'. Deadly dull is more like it.

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How many deaths are self driven cars responsible for? I guess none til they are actually on the road.

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Autonomous cars are still experimental. Small steps are what are needed. Not to mention that any new technology is always expensive and has bugs and glitches.

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How many deaths are self driven cars responsible for? I guess none til they are actually on the road.

I work in Palo Alto CA and self driven cars a common thing around here as both Google and Apple are testing their systems. A recent news agency found that all of the 16 accidents these cars we involved in were due to the fault of the other driver. Such as rear ended at stop light, side swiped on city streets etc.

The biggest obstacle is going to be realigning the culture of cars where drivers feel its OK to cheat the laws. Going 'a little' over the speed limit, not coming to complete stop at intersections and that sort of thing. The auto cars will be that annoying grandma of a driver that follows all the laws to the letter and we as humans will have to calm the F down and let it look out for our best interests.

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Because we need more millions of people out of work. Don't implement it until the companies pay for retraining of all the future unemployed drivers

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How about the need for autonomous driving for the next step, flying cars and I'm not kidding because they are developing them right now.

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I would venture to guess that human error car accidents is closer to 99.9% than 90% since if there were no human drivers cars would be relatively safe when parked or not moving about.

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