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Humanoid robot-maker Figure partners with OpenAI; gets backing from Jeff Bezos and tech giants


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ChatGPT-maker OpenAI is looking to fuse its artificial intelligence systems into the bodies of humanoid robots as part of a new deal with robotics startup Figure.

Proprioception and embodiment will be another stream of training data along with multi-modality.

It will greatly acceleration the path to AGI.

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With Microsoft recently purchasing OpenAi's European competitor, this is another deal shoring them up as the industry leader and the next big global powerhouse.

Elon is going crazy that his personality and ego is the reason that he is not apart of it. His head is going to explode. Elon needs to stop outsourcing his AI to China. LOL!

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Bring it on! Very soon we can replace women and men. This will allow humans to decide whatever gender they identify with to be their daily norm. Meanwhile, these robots can replace absent or uncooperative partners. Every day will be peaceful.

We will create the most perfect woman on this planet!

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The problem is that it is not trivial to reproduce a humanoid with even the tiniest sliver of the agility of a human. Boston Dynamics has been working on it for 30 years.

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Who’s going programming the AI?

The futuristic comedy movie Sleeper comes to mind with that gay robot.

Glad it’s not Googles Gemini then we’re looking at the Nazi robots in THX 1138.

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Elon "another stable genius" will start suing all parties soon out of anger for not being invited to the cool kids birthday party!

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