Hyundai shows off walking car project

By Robyn Beck

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If not used on earth they could send this to mars or something. Anyway awesome concept.

For people who want to see this in action:

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It's an interesting concept, but I'm dreading the future of automobiles if they all are going to look like a 6 year old drew them.

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Not a new idea.

There is already diggers, tree cutters and other machines that walk and use wheels.

Google picture search,g1:spider:APLxUn0a2wo%3D&usg=AI4-kQwxpXtdDveVnl5YnkyVJBB7CsIVA&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiA9r_Xl9_fAhU7RhUIHenvCZkQ4lYIKygA&biw=1791&bih=956&dpr=1

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Turn those wheels into hands and feet, and we got a Transformer

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