Hyundai to make flying cars for Uber air taxis


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Just let me know when we get our flying Delorean.

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Where will they pick up and drop off people? Rooftops?

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The future is now

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Prepare for falling debris from the air, coming to a city near you !

They cant even deliver pizza properly this way yet.

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I am a sceptic on this notion.  Many cities don't even allow helicopters to fly over them for security and safety reasons.  how they will allow fleets of taxis to do so baffles me.  Plus imagine the damage any mid air accident or mishap could cause below.  Cost?  Really accessible to all?  Plus being run by Uber which remains a grade A scam in my mind......

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You go first...

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Just when I finally get used to 1 ton vehicles driving AT me, now I have to start worrying about ones falling from the sky!

I can not imagine the insurance that these flying taxis will need, not to mention the licensing costs as well.

I can also imagine that only the folks with money will be able to actually afford to ride in one too!

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Ain't gonna happen, at least not in first world countries with safety regulations.

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So it's a small electric convertiplane?

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The Chinese have already beaten them to it....

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And Japan is a perfect place for drones...

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The vehicle pictured is as close to being a car as a horse and buggy is. It is a helicopter taxi. There are small two person helicopters now and they have been available for decades. The only difference is attempt's to make them electric and pilot-less and to use them as taxi's.

By definition a flying car is a hybrid vehicle that can either drive on roads or take to the air depending on the drivers wishes and prevailing conditions. Also a flying car would be able to be freely purchased by the public to replace personal car's. Almost all developing flying transports are being designed for taxi service and will not be available for private purchase. Only those with deep pockets will be able to afford daily use of such services. For everyone else it remains trains, buses and private cars for local transport.

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Hyundai announced Monday it would mass produce flying cars for Uber's aerial rideshare network set to deploy in 2023.

The South Korean manufacturer said it would produce the four-passenger electric "vertical take-off and landing vehicles" 

These two things are not the same.

It's just a buzzword isn't it, 'flying car'.... everybody's image of a flying car is a DeLorean as mentioned above, not a helicopter/mini V-22 Osprey.

Anyway, I wouldn't trust Hyundai to make aircraft unless I was specifically (and only) trying to save money on production costs. Otherwise I'd get an actual aircraft company to manufacture it properly.

"We know how to mass produce high quality vehicles," Shin told a news conference at CES.

Haha. High quality vehicles are BMW/Mercedes/Audi/Lexus/Jaguar/Bentley etc. Hyundai is nowhere near that league.

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Hyundai is nowhere near that league.

Huh, what year are you living in?

Lexus confronts a midlife crisis with aging SUVs that are losing to rivals

“Lexus has lost some of its luster,” said Jake Fisher, senior director of auto testing at Consumer Reports, who points to gains by rivals such as Hyundai Motors Co.’s Genesis brand. “Genesis is taking that baton. They are what Lexus used to be: affordable, comfy and stress-free.”

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Nothing was ever achieved by dreaming small. Good luck to them. I like that these things are electric.

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Remember n remember it well that 'genesis is skynet' ha ha ha

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