IBM unveils 'breakthrough' computer chip


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Well, die shrinks are always a good thing. The usual issue seems to be reliability, though. I think even Intel has had problems with their 14nm Broadwell chips having too many bad transistors, hence the delays in their roll-out. I can only imagine how long it will take for 7nm transistors to be fabricated reliably by the big chip foundries.

Personally, I'd rather see cuts in energy consumption than increases in processor speed or performance. My current Core i7-4770S is more than capable enough, but it's a 65W TDP chip. Give me the same performance @ 30-40W please...

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Skynet we are ready for you now...

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I guess the Anunnaki's give the go ahead for the next technological update to humanity.

how is that we get so smart in the last 70 years?

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Breakthroughs are good.

Competition is good. Seems that AMD isn't competing well against Intel. Doubt that IBM will make an x86 chip. Haven't touched a "Power" systems since the Power6 line. I wanted one for home, but couldn't justify the price even for a low-end system.

I've worked on IBM computers used in space. I'd be worried about cosmic ray interactions. Yes, those are real things. A flipped instruction bit can be bad. 7nm is small, so spacecraft system need lots of extra validations against data corruption.

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