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Ideas for keeping your data safe from spying


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Get an Android smartphone. root it and install Cyanogen custom ROM on it. Run it in incognito mode.

It's called "Run in Incognito Mode". It's a simple privacy feature designed to help you keep your personal data under control.

I've added a per-application flag which is exposed via a simple API. This flag can be used by content providers to decide if they should return a full or limited dataset. In the implementation I'm working on, I am using the flag to provide these privacy features in the base system:

Return empty lists for contacts, calendar, browser history,and messages. GPS will appear to always be disabled to the running application. When an app is running incognito, a quick panel item is displayed in order to turn it off easily. No fine-grained permissions controls as you saw in CM7. It's a single option available under application details

Android = options

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And finally, hide under a rock and propel yourself back to the stone ages. That's the only way you will be secure. So, now on to the internet and my cell phone. Anyone listening in?

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Maria, don't forget that for just the little bit of extra protection against the CIA and NSA to use tin foil as a bra and sure a bit uncomfortable but tin foil underwear and socks and at night tin foil with a bit of holy water to keep away the goons from NSA, the KGB etc.,.

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90% of general population, need not worry about law enforcements monitoring data.

If they collect anything like they are doing and crush the data with supercomputers, they have an awesome edge on you and your future, they can use your data against you, they can block you, they can make you or remove you, they can give your data to your competitors and so on, you would never know, this is the door open to all the possible abuse and we know human people will do everything for power. So generally speaking, why is the 90% of general population also monitored and have their privacy violated without knowing it and not only the supposedly X% of criminals ? I think this is for their power enforcement.

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Do not use any American software and that includes the operating system. That rules out Windows and Macs. I always imagined that Microsoft struck a deal with the U.S. government and this deal stopped the company being broken up under monopoly laws.

I always wondered if there were so many holes in Windows because the world's largest software company was incompetent or because the holes were intentional.

I see some Americans think this is all right if you have nothing to fear. It is not all right. Why is so so important to protect your constitutional right to bear arms, but not your constitutional right to be free from unwarranted searches?

Think about it Americans. This is what the cold war was about. The old Soviet Union had the KGB spying on everyone and America told us that was wrong. What has changed? Why do Americans no longer want to protect their rights, and, for that matter, everyone else's.

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cncJUN. 17, 2013 - 10:06AM JST I hope you all know that a fax cannot be hacked or intercepted unless you are the receiver.

This is a joke?

There is a concept called Tempest, which basically means that all electronics radiate something. A sensitive antenna can pick up the electronic transmissions of any non-shielded electronic radiating device, and the operator hooks up a similar device to receive the transmission, e.g., a fax printout

This can be done with any non-shielded electronics out there. Shielding is basically an electronic film that captures radiation and doesn't allow it to be radiated. Common consumer variety pcs and electronic equipment are not shielded.

You may notice a lot of antennas pointed towards embassies. They are there to pick up non-shielded devices, but embassies are usually heavily shielded to minimize unwanted transmissions. My understanding is the technology made it into satellites, so, there is no need to even tap a phone line to pick up a fax transmission or to pick up a page copied on a copy machine.

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How I stopped worrying and learned to love the Paranoia.

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heretoolongJUN. 17, 2013 - 09:38AM JST I have heard about VPN's recently, would that help if you wanted to protect yourself from being hacked?

You can encrypt your communication from your pc to the VPN server, which will then execute your internet inquiry on your behalf. The internet page will see the VPN server, but not your pc IP address.

Therefore, your communication from the pc to VPN server will be encrypted, and this is the benefit. Censors will not be able to block your inquiries since it is encrypted.

People also use VPNs to get around local restrictions or to have an IP address in another country, e.g., the U.S., to allow the webpage to think you are in that country. It defeats the region restrictions like those imposed by Netflix.

VPNs are also used by hackers since it hides the original IP address. However, your IP information is logged on the VPN server, so someone (a hacker or government) could get the information.

It will not stop someone from sending a harmful attachment, or a webpage loading some foul code. I'm not sure if the meta-data in your email will be send, e.g., the IP address of your computer and email routing information.

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The new filehosting service MEGA by kimdotcom (founder of megaupload and bazzilionaire) is said to be the perfect and best protected site against the privacy mafia. Not sure whether that is true though. Is anything really safe?

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People not watching/downloading illegal child pornography, engaging in terrorist activities, money laundering, ...which is basically 90% of general population, need not worry about law enforcements monitoring data. Privacy is a myth. A simple conversation in the house can be heard by neighbours. Unless you are Osama living in a isolated and insulated house, you are as good as an open book...even with all the shunning of electronic devices and burning of garbage, he was discovered and dispatched off.

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Spying? I'm not losing sleep.

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cnc: Faxes can EASILY be intercepted, fax uses sound waves to send the image, easily recorded, easily decoded.

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I have found the following to work best:

Stop using all online forums and media sites;

Don't shop online;

Do cash purchases only;

Get rid of your contract cell phone - use a different pay-per daily;

Only use public transport, but don't use travel cards - cash only;

Change modes of transport at least twice within one journey;

Wear dark glasses, a hygiene face mask, gloves, and a hat, at all times;

Unplug all electrical appliances. Use an ice box and camping equipment for food storage and cooking;

Line your house with silver foil, even windows.

...They'll never get you.

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I hope you all know that a fax cannot be hacked or intercepted unless you are the receiver.

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heretoolong: In short no.

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TOR is not a good recommendation, all anyone has to do to read data is setup a TOR server and monitor the outgoing (encrypted) traffic.

You forgot the obviously ones. Don't use Gmail, google search, Microsoft or Apple software and facebook... possible?

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I have heard about VPN's recently, would that help if you wanted to protect yourself from being hacked?

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avoid all those "cloud drives" rather install a local ftp server should you need to share your data with others.

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