If Google's a monopoly, who is harmed by its market power?


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Everybody is a looser except Google itself. Ever tried looking for flights, accomodation, products with just one computer? You'd be ripped off at least 30%. Having two phones + and ipad + a desktop computer all having different IP address and I can barely avoid being hit with a google tax.

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I haven't used Google in a while now. I use Brave as my browser and Duck Duck Go search engine. Work is different because my employer ties way too much to Google. But work is their problem.

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Aside from the obvious answer of democracy and free speech, there are advertisers, marketers, writers, filmmakers and other content producers who can barely get by as Google scrapes at their profits. And then there is the assistance they give the Chinese government in building a surveillance state.

Google is the epitome of the evil corporation as portrayed in dystopian science fiction.

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And then there is the assistance they give the Chinese government in building a surveillance state.

Please tell us how this is so. One cannot even load Google in China.

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I get sick of the barrage of "relevant" search returns in the U.S. version so I jump to, the Canadian version for some sanity. I have been using various country's search engines for many year. Clarity is the best result on what you're looking for...

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We all do. We cannot allow Big Tech to become the Ministry of Truth, one that lies to your face and memory holes truths that are inconvenient to the oligarchs.

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Google and monopoly ridiculous.

Again their are picking on these poor people from Google who can barely afford for anything.

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Gov't wants control the big data that is in the possession of Google that's is all, there are

alternatives and nobody is forced to use google. Would we instead be happy to pay for

web search or placed limitation on the number of search we can perform a day, pay for placing our videos

on youtube, maps, navigation, mail, storage, when we call our friends and loved ones with whatsapp and messenger. I (most people) prefer a monopoly that I don't have to pay for the services the monopoly offers

Docomo doesn't even offer navigation to it's users free, that is the type of service the anti-monopolist prefer

for the general populace afterall they have the means to pay for them. Look how the cost of medicare and education has spiraled out of control in the U.S. and out of reach of most people, if it was free most people

will take even if it means relinquishing their privacy.

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I use Brave browser and it works great, however, I also use Google chrome because I can access my beloved bookmarks from anywhere. Youtube on Google Chrome is jammed with ads but not on Blaze.

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I love Google!

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The government simply wants its hand on the data the goggle collects.

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If Google's a monopoly, who is harmed by its market power?

Markets, competitors, and customers. The same people who are always harmed by monopolies. I hope this has been educational.

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Probably google should pay users considering to all the information it collects about us which allows it to target ads.

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If you think you're being harmed don't use it, there are alternatives

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OK, why don’t people give examples rather than empty accusations. Where exactly has Google failed you personally? Whereas I could see a monopoly worry, I’d hate to have to think which search engine I should use for which search.

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Google products may be free, but they store every bit of information about you & sell it to companies, who then bombard you with annoying ads.

if you want privacy & anonymity, do not use Google - my recommendation is DuckDuckGo

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As mentioned above, DuckDuck go is a better option and one of the companies hurt by the google monopoly.

One province in Canada was one of the first places, if not the first place to release a COVID tracing app. It needs updating but Google and Apple made a deal with the Trudeau government to force all of Canada to use their tracing app and are not allowing updates to the other app released months before the Google/Apple tracing app. Google and Apple are now punishing that province that dared to release their own app months earlier by not releasing the Google/Apple app in that province.

Who is harmed? The people had need an update on one of the first COVID tracing apps and can't get it and are denied the Google/Apple tracing app.

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Please tell us how this is so. One cannot even load Google in China

The search engine is but one small part of their activities.

Honestly, all the downvotes show how ready and willing people are to be exploited and abused. They will have no one but themselves to blame for the future dystopia they are creating.

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