In praise of the big pixel: Gaming is having a retro moment

By David Courbet and Erwan Lucas

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There's money to be made here if there products are good- the NES mini and SNES mini were well-packaged hits of nostalgia, and were a huge success. Meanwhile the Playstation classic was sub-par on multiple levels and hit the bargain bin. The Mega Drive Mini is being handled with care with Sega and has emulation done by one of the best developers for retro games [M2] so it looks like a winner. [The article doesn't even mention to PC Engine/TurboGraphx mini coming out next year.]

For third-party manufacturers, high quality products like the FrameMeister and Analogue NT sell out (in admittedly low volumes), while cheap licensed cash-ins end up on clearance.

Bottom line, it's clear that people in this market are willing to pay a premium for a top quality experience. Hardware and software makers should learn this at their own peril.

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Just like listening to oldies music, people reliving the good times of youth with retro games....nice.

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