Europe's new data law upends global online advertising

By Kate Holton

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It makes me wonder what data about me is harvested from this (JT) website.

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It is a extraordinary good law. The Europeans once again show they do lead the world in legislation, managing to kick the ass of corporates profiting from their users without their knowledge. The rest of the world should follow suit as soon as possible.

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I am very troubled that some data harvesting companies may go bust.

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@Reckless, why are you "very troubled that some data harvesting companies may go bust"? Do you work for one that is harvesting that data in what has now become an illegal manner, at least in Europe? As a retired advertising agency owner who is quite familiar with consumer research and its importance to advertisers, I wholeheartedly welcome this shift. And any data harvesting company that goes bust will, by doing that, prove their reluctance or inability to comply. Not a bad thing for privacy.

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The amount of data collected by Internet giants like FB, Google and all the others needs strict regulation. Content providers argue that they cannot provide free content without selling you to advertisers as product.

Trouble is, much of the free content is absolute dross that everyone can do without. Put it this way. Bloke walks up to you in the street and says “you can have this rubber chicken if you allow me to follow you everywhere you go, look at everything you buy and get to know everyone you interact with” – Would you take the deal? NO! Would you fcuk as like. Well, the rubber chicken represents some click bait on the internet. So do you still want all the “free” dross out there?

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