Instagram ousting fake followers from accounts


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YouTube has same problem in the past. Some YouTube account owners have used the Software for boosting fake flowers and video watching record in the past. Their video was watched by millions times in a few days and some watching by billion times. So they get an ad on their account and generate thousand of dollars from the YouTube ad. The software can be bough software for online. I believed the Korean rapper had used it on his video, sorry I forgot the his name and his video name. His video was watching by over billion times.

The account owner will get payment from the YouTube for the advertising on the account. Now Instagram. I'm surprised for that news. The peoples are trying to share ad income from the YouTube and Instagram. The victim was the Company, which put its ad on faked popular account. Actually, not many peoples see their ad as the record show. One clicks equal to one thousand times or one clicks equal to ten thousand times.

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Their ad revenue must be plummeting, but we never here about it. They Should be investigated by the SEC for falsifying their books and deceiving shareholders.

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Instagram said it is booting fake followers, likes, and comments generated by applications tailored to make accounts appear more popular than they actually are.

Then it will be nothing left since most likes and comments are fake and shallow anyway...

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