Intel co-founder, philanthropist Gordon Moore dies at 94


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RIP for him.

Intel co-founder, philanthropist Gordon Moore dies at 94

He just shows that his age just can not double anymore

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Strictly speaking, Moore’s observation referred to the doubling of transistors on a semiconductor. But over the years, it has been applied to hard drives, computer monitors and other electronic devices, holding that roughly every 18 months a new generation of products makes their predecessors obsolete.

Moore may be gone , the Law remains.

He got to see proto-artificial intelligences like GPT but unfortunately could not see AGI and the Singularity.

His theories of exponential returns and their contribution to the Singularity will always be remembered.

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bits and bytes, 0's and 1's, who would have imagined such processing would end up as maybe primary basis for globalization, standardization and really civilization!

Well done sir and it's worth noting he was an amazing philanthropist as well, a life WELL lived!

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These obscure people doing obscure things in back rooms changed the way we live.

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The prediction, which Moore said he plotted out on graph paper based on what had been happening with chips at the time, said the capacity and complexity of integrated circuits would double every year.

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