Intelligent robots threaten millions of jobs


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Even semi-intelligent robots could take over a lot of jobs, such as prime minister and local bureaucrats.

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So the extra profits from higher productivity should be taxied more heavily and distributed to the people, and not hogged by the corporate super-rich.

Then we would all be better off through a virtuous cycle, given that developed economies are driven by consumption...and not by the spending habits of a tiny number of super-rich.

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Nice, lots of produce with no people to sell it too because they are all unemployed!

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Trouble , great thought !!

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Quote: "He listed self-driving cars and trucks, autonomous drones for surveillance and fully automatic trading systems, along with house robots and other kinds of “intelligence assistance” which make decisions on behalf of humans. “We will be in sort of symbiosis with those machines and we will start to trust them and work with them,” he predicted.

Only if we already have the income to buy such robotic machinery.

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There are interesting questions to ask about robot technology in the future, but I'm skeptical of the fear-mongering.

After all, people predicted the rise of computers would eliminate everyone's jobs. Certain unskilled basically manual repetitive labor using a pencil and paper got replaced, but computerization also invented many entirely new fields. Now if you know how to present information clearly or entertain other people you can literally get patrons to pay you to make YouTube videos. Isn't there a Korean woman out there getting paid to just eat in front of a camera?

If you are an unskilled laborer, you should be afraid of robotization. But if you are an unskilled laborer in a country without a decent employee retraining program, you should have been worried anyway. The problem isn't the robots, the problem is educational and economic systems which don't value people and don't create avenues for motivated workers to improve themselves.

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Too late and this is not surprising news to say the least.

Its time to initiate debate/discussion on how to create future source of income for working class.

Perhaps mass scale employment in the medical relief sector is the future. We have a new virus related epidemic every 6 months lately. Virus's are evolving faster than humans.

As Bill Gates mentioned that in future mass deaths will be caused by these epidemics as compared to war and natural disasters put together. Thats because human race is just not prepared for this.

Globally there is a very very serious scarcity of doctors.

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Wasn't that what we humans wanted? Robots to do all the work for us while we are relaxing in our chaise? I Robot coming soon.

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Humas can still be used in the sex industry, organ donations, battle fields, prisons......but seriously, it has to be thought about. What can people do that robots cannot? We have to admit that all things being equal, all human beings are not being raised and educated equally. Food, shelter, schooling, financial security are not what greets all new borns. It is a reality.

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I've been hearing that I'll be replaced by a robot for twenty years. I'm rushed off my feet at present.

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Sabotage of robots is one future job for humans.

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The opening scene for Terminator.

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Very scary scenario. Even the technology / algorithms, which are required to build such A.I. Robots are open source and freely available to anyone.

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Well, that's what you get from dumbing down your children. Japan does have a need for intelligent robots to make up the difference in failed education standards. Right?

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As if millions of jobs event already been lost due to cheap foreign labour.

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The time to worry is when an intelligent computer starts designing the next generation of robots and computers.

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Thunderbird2: I believe that is already being done now. Just browse through the MIT magazine called MIT Technology Review.

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“I believe that society needs to confront this question before it is upon us: If machines are capable of doing almost any work humans can do, what will humans do?”

This kind of red herring has been around since the auto makers first shifted to robotic assembly. The answer now, as it was then, is the workers will transition to the jobs programming, monitoring, and maintaining the manufacturing robots. For those whose inability to learn new technical things prevent them from making the transition, there's always McDonalds.

There was a local article a few years ago talking about how there really wasn't a job shortage, just a shortage of people trained in doing the jobs that needed doing. A milling company had six positions open for over a year for people to program and operate the computer-controlled milling machines the business used. Nobody was trained in the programming aspect. In desperation they finally contacted the local community college about adding a programming course for the milling machines. After a semester of courses, the six positions were filled.

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Its time to go to school to become a Robotic engineer or technician!! Someone has to design them and someone has to maintain them!!!

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Actually, robots will design robots and factories will have robots making robots... in the dark.

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Not much is really produced by humans these days anyway, most f the jobs in Japan are paper shuffling work.

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As hard as it is to believe, I recently learned from NHK Business Comunication in Action that there's growing interest in developing robots that will replace journalists in their jobs like writing real articles, such as obits, sports stories and weather forecasts.

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Actually technology has been pushing a lot of people out of well paid work for a few decades now, ditto for factories moved to low labour countries.

The simple fact is while there are SOME jobs created they are in not near enough number to keep people in GOOD jobs, more & more are being pushed into Mc-jobs & its set to get worse as time goes on. Heck even in computing wages & outsourcing are pushing things down

Its all a race to the BOTTOM, the pace is much quicker than in the past, its not going to end well, especially with the top few skimming most of the profit because they ""EARNED IT""................not! The rich are rather quickly killing the golden gooses(consumers) of the world & they are wrecking economies worldwide, while their "special" offices sit in super low tax spots. The world cant take this kind of abuse forever, unless things start to change its going to get real nasty in places & likely spread!

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It is indeed a matter for concern, but given the widespread influence of commerce, can you really see the corporate world making any serious effort to respond to public opinion? And they'll influence political opinion against the public ones anyway to try to stay in business. Maybe it's time for the Luddites to emerge!

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Greatness Awaits!

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Cool, hopefully some day the robot can also do my job, so that I don't have to.

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