InteracTV to provide shopping from home via remote control


Jupiter Telecommunications Co, the largest multiple system operator (MSO) in Japan, announced Tuesday that a new convenient shopping service will begin operation on Aug 1 in cooperation with Japan’s largest shopping channel, Shop Channel.

J:COM users will be able to purchase products broadcast on the Shop Channel via J:COM TV Digital’s interactive information service InteracTV simply by using their remote control. InteracTV is an interactive service allowing users to access news, entertainment, area specific content, and other information directly on their TV screens through the use of their remote control.

With the introduction of J:COM and Shop Channel’s new service, users will be able to access the InteracTV Shop Channel page to order the products that are being broadcast in real time and also settlement could complete directly from their television set. J:COM aims to increase utilize opportunities of InteracTV and the usage of its digital interactive services.

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More watching and less buying a kind of housewives hobby. It is not quality of product or price that matters rather Camera-man's skill and Model's beauty that catches some business for them.

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More rimocon? Anyway, this TV shopping business is pretty expensive. They claim that the products they peddle are cheap and some might be, but if you do some searching, the same products are often much cheaper elsewhere.

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so it will be easier to buy those things you do not need from those annoying "amzing discoveries" products like abdominizer and abflex and such

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