Internet privacy controls challenge tech industry


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Industry leaders argue that many consumers like targeted ads since they deliver personalized pitches that people may want.

Excuse me? Are these guys high or something?

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I just erase the cookies daily. Works great.

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Track me to my apartment and do what you will. I could care less, so long as you don't do to me what was done in that South Park episode.

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Who wrote this? They write "header" like it is new, without a header the WWW would not work. The person needs to know what they are talking about... Apple will be put information into the header the same way FF is doing it.

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A good firewall, spyware should limit this garbage. Seems like a ploy to introduce legislation to take control of the internets. Gov already tracks you thru your wireless/cellphone so why would they want to protect you from being tracked thru your computer/websites.

Google/NSA was really the start of this tracking on the Internet.

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