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Investors eye Dragon Coin: Token sale may become largest initial coin offering ever

By Anthony Ha

Dragon Inc is looking to raise more than $400 million in what would be the world’s largest initial coin offering (ICO). Dragon which is betting its focus on Asia’s booming gaming industry has seen extremely strong demand from investors and institutional investors alike.

Dragon is the world’s first game changing Utility Entertainment token and they secured partnerships F1, Le Mans, Asian Golf, Hollywood, Netflix, Amazon, Cruise liners, Motorcross, Rowing, and E-sports. Gambling is now a very small part of Dragon’s ecosystem.

Dragon founders Chakrit Ahmad and Paul Moynan told Japan Today the company had secured four Junket partners - operators that connect China’s wealthy punters to casinos in Macau and elsewhere - who had already committed a total $265 million in a private sale of the tokens, accounting for more than half of those available. Together with the $265 million already raised from institutional investors, and the $48 million raised from a closed pre-sale, Dragon Inc has now raised $320 million in capital before the Public Token Sale opens - already making this the biggest crowd sale to date.

Their team appears extremely strong with founders Ahmad and Moynan having extremely impressive credentials. Ahmad is a seasoned CEO and serial entrepreneur with broad leadership experience across technology, software, listings and M&A. With Ahmad’s track record in crafting technology solutions to bring success and development to new industries, it is no surprise that he leads Dragon in revolutionising the gaming and hotel industry with blockchain, cashless payments and social benefits for the gamer as well as industry leaders and the societies they work in.

Moynan is a global entrepreneur and operations expert. As a formal Royal Marine Commando, Moynan was awarded the prestigious Green Beret. With two decades of success in high-level projects including governments, high net worth families and Her Majesty’s Royal Marine Commandos, his strong business acumen, work ethic and project execution have led him to develop a significant portfolio of industry-leading companies. The companies range from blockchain technology development and cutting-edge healthcare innovation, to security and gaming. Their team is looking to be a formidable force in the blockchain world. With a strong advisory board and an ever expanding team of blockchain specialists and advisors joining and strategic partnerships in place with many well-known impressive companies, Dragon will be well placed to be in the top market caps by the end of 2018.

Well known blockchain investor, advisor and influencer Oliver Isaacs comments: “Dragon is one of most ambitious and high potential projects out there. It’s one of the few blockchain companies that has caught my eye and is a perfect example of how blockchain technology can be implemented and change an industry for the better- it has a real utility, is backed by a great team and has received tremendous interest from investors. The casino/junket market is vast: $17 billion is staked each month through the single largest junket, SinCity Group. Dragon is also going to charge a fraction of the costs that traditional junkets add. Typical junket fees are 5% each way. Dragon will be charging 0.5% each way, taking only 1%. It's much quicker, cheaper, faster, and more transparent. Hedge funds and venture capital funds alike have been asking my opinion and I see strong investment potential here. With all the momentum that Dragon is experiencing, it continues to be not only one of the largest token sale to date with over $320 million raised before the public token sale but also one of the most promising real business opportunities in the blockchain ecosystem to date.”

Dragon’s journey so far has seen its founders forming new relationships across Southeast Asia, honored to meet industry leaders, innovators and key players within the Blockchain and entertainment industry.

Dragon recently announced another strategic partnership that paves the way across the ASEAN entertainment industry. Dragon will be partnering with 7Luck, South Korea’s premium gaming enterprise to bring Korea’s first Dragon blockchain platform to the entertainment industry with its sights firmly set on VIP Junket rooms.

Moynan, co-founder of Dragon, added: “This is the ultimate game changer for both casinos and high rollers, using the cutting edge technology of Dragon blockchain platform we can enhance the entertainment industry, while supporting the increase of tourism and provide a path for many additional Blockchain innovations across South Korea. We look forward to the opening ceremony with Junket Agents and VIP players which is planned for April 2018.”

January has seen a regional roll-out with Dragon’s strategic partnerships with well-established and new to market exchanges, the development and soon to be released Dragon wallet, and several joint ventures across Singapore, Philippines and Hong Kong.

The Dragon is coming and investors should get in with only seven days left of their ICO.

If you’d like to learn more about the company’s ecosystem, solution and intellectual property, please visit Dragon Inc’s website (https://drgtoken.io/) and follow all the latest updates on Dragon’s Telegram channel. (https://t.me/joinchat/FSgY4RI3tNfalmD2sbIZRg)

Anthony Ha is a senior tech writer in Japan, where he covers media and tech startups.

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yet another crypto tulip. if anyone knows history, they will know the tulip reference refers to the very first market crash caused by insane investment in tulips based on nothing. Crypto currency isn't actually currency. it can't be used for, anything because it must be converted to real currency to be used. consider if it, was, real, why would real Dollars, renminbi, yen, pounds, and euros be involved at all. it amounts to buying gold or oil futures only those care real things with intrinsic value, buying a crypto coin is buying nothing. if it was, an actual currency, then I could use it to buy a candy bar at the local store. crypto currency will eventually be real but not while scams like this keep appearing.

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These ICOs are only good for the initial run up in price. IMHO any coin other than bitcoin will eventually fail as they are all controlled by someone. There are people at the top of each coin organization earning a fortune. At any given moment the government could shut it down, or the development team could walk out, or the founder could dump all his coins (see Charlie Lee of litecoin). Point is any coin or token with high level of centralization is like buying a stock in that company. Bitcoin: decentralized, no owner or company running it, true p2p. Unstoppable. Perhaps not a currency for us, but definitely a currency for future generations. Think about that for a moment.

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you don't really need an ICO for gaming industry. some junket ops are already using TamadCoin

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If to speak about ICO then I don't think that gaming industry really need it. Personally I am more interested in Genesis Vision ICO since I read review on https://icopulse.com/blog/genesis-vision-ico-succeeded/ . Genesis Vision was conceived as a project that erases the boundaries between traders, investors, brokers, asset managers and other participants in financial markets. Any user who has GVT tokens gets the opportunity to either invest them in one of the traders-asset managers or independently trade on the exchange. The platform records all actions of traders in the blockchain. And investors are protected from scam.

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