iPhone 5 frenzy builds ahead of Friday release


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downvotes! great scott! apple fanboys not happy that several of us speak the truth? heck look even the mighty Japan today is running the story!

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The NEW maps app. is really horrible !!! Sucks big time

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As for people lining outside Apple stores: CNN ran an article with people describing the event as fun as camping out in the fields. They feel good, relaxed, and in a mission of joy. If I had to, I probably would line too: I would find a nice shadow, read a good crime book and enjoy the hours.

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I upgraded my 4S to iOS6 yesterday, having been toying with it since then. It is spectacular: easy, smooth, functional, intuitive. Even the apps that are in the works such as Maps, they have a refined touch that makes other map apps feel poor in comparison. It is easy to see how Apple is betting that the future is in iOS constant improvement and integration, and they're right: my iPhone and my MB work now as a single entity, in a efficient way that is just amazing. No wonder that iPhone 5 is getting such attention, the iOS6 and the feel of the its body must be THE tech experience.

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why do people care how a iphone looks and its thinner dimensions when everyone buys huge cases that completely cover it up and makes it twice as big.

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Do people take a week off work to do this? You need to have a job to afford an iphone and mobile plans.

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Over coffee, my friend and I were comparing the two map apps, and even my friend with his 4S was sorely disappointed with the new Apple maps(as he often used the Google maps previously ).

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word is that the Apple maps suck big time. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Apple maps is not ready and is nowhere near what google have refined over a decade. If you currenly rely a lot google maps, it could well be worth your while to hold off from upgrading to ios6.

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Combined with iOS6 that just came out today, this is going to be really hard to beat. I will wait myself for the 5 just to avoid the line, but I definitely want it.

In the meantime I am having fun with Siri, who has now learned to open apps. She still pronounces my wife's name wrong, and can't recommend restaurants in Japan, but I guess that's iOS7. Or 8.

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wish I could have 'this' from DOCOMO

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Absolutely no need to upgrade, no. If someone wants to do that, I can't see the problem with that, though.

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Not able to afford the iPhone, I see.

I just don't wanna be an apple geek - don't worry bout me my friend - not one to boast but got plenty of cash these days! I use the Mrs' smartphone when I must! But seriously - think about it for a few minutes - do you really need this upgrade from your existing 4S, mate?

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Not able to afford the iPhone, I see.

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Geez, I have my own Iphone 4, no rush to go running to buy this Iphone 5. Sorry!

Oh, that's so uncool, elbuda. Steve wouldn't have liked that attitude, mate. You will be social death among the hipsters with that old museum piece.

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"Promote, promote, promote! Then bring out a new model in 6 months and make them all throw out their old phones and consume, consume, consume! " - St. Steve Jobs.

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It's the Jewel of De Nile from what the hype reports.

I guess if you have a 3 3S, then it would be a big improvement.

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lol 75% of the people iin that line probably said to someone that they werent going to get it. Another 15 just want to be first. Another 5 are buying it for someone else. 4% know exactly what they are getting, and the 1% have no clue why they are in line,the y just know something new is coming out or they are actually going to buy something else. lol

I'm waiting for the 5s myself. but I will not wait in a freaking line for it. I like waiting for everyone else to buy it and then i can see all the problems and faults posted on all the social sites and stuff.

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iphones currently use 3G technology, and softbank charges you about 4,500 for all-you-can use. But LTE is 4G technology and the new price is about 6,000 for all-you-can use.

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This product is not interesting to most people, most people won't buy it

If you take the population of the world as being somewhat over six billion, then "most people" don't buy any electrical device you care to mention.

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As with every iteration of the iPhone, I believe this one too is at its most impressive when actually holding it in your hand. From what I understand, it has gotten quite a bit lighter this time around and that's nice. Lining up for it seem mendokusai, though.

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"Love that you took the time to comment on this even though you don't find it interesting... :-)"

I found it interesting that its the headline. Its an reprinted article from san fran ... did't read a single line further. if it was tucked away in its relevant tech section fine;

but as the TOP STORY for the whole site its right to point out how strange and out of place that is and that its wrong for this site that should be providing better coverage for Japan today.

So I read less than a handful of words, see no ref to Japan. What's turning out more interesting than the article for most is the fan boy behaviour and drones.

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“I had to laugh at the Samsung ads,” Baker said. “It’s hardware geeks throwing rocks at Apple; but Apple has a good sense of what is important to include and when.”

They've hit the nail on the head with that statement. Hardware geeks will tell you all the fine details about why this is better than that. But the average consumer is more swayed by the look of the device and if it can do what they want. Apple make THE premium product in terms of looks. And there are plenty of apps out there.

The only minus I can see from this release is maps. The maps are OK, but the landmarks are all over the place. I guess they need to release it to be able to get the feedback to improve the underlying data.

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Isn't that the same as SoftBank's current packe-hodai? Is LTE different?

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There are some good reviews of the new iPhone on the net. It is an upgrade from the 4S, but not a super significant upgrade. I think I will upgrade in the near future, but am not gonna camp out in Ginza. That is just ridiculous!

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man, i totally want one but softbank is forcing everyone to upgrade to LTE, which costs about 6,000 for the packet houdai plan. that totally sucks!

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dang, people still line up for stuff in 2012.

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Geez, I have my own Iphone 4, no rush to go running to buy this Iphone 5. Sorry!

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