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iPhone rolls out with 1-km-long line of fans in Ginza


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And exactly what life-altering functions will this new iPhone perform that the previous one could not?

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Pls! Just grab one at your local cel carrier without the drama.

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Some people don't have a life, and spend there time waiting in line for a phone when they already have one that works fine. Poor tormented souls need to see a shrink or get out more.

Pathetic fools.

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Readers, there is no need to insult these people.

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As this is in increment model, by next year, Appleiwill have a whole new line up of gadgets.

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Iphone is like an overpriced fashion accessory, eg Gucci bag, plenty of other phones out there that outperform the Iphone at much cheaper prices. Iphones are for suckers or people with too much money to burn

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Not sure why Iphone is so popular over there. My Android offers more aps/options at more than half the cost.

Owning a higher priced, less functional Iphone? Thanks, but no thanks.

-8 ( +4 / -12 )

Waste of money and time every thing same

-7 ( +4 / -11 )

Sometimes it's fun to wait in line for something new. I did it a few times for when some of my favorite games that came out (Halo 2 for example). I didn't wait in line all night because I wanted to be one of the first ones to have it. I just wanted to play it ASAP!

Who cares if they want the new version of the phone? Maybe they don't have a 5.

I want a 5s because my old iPhone is getting long in the tooth (iPhone 4s). My contract is up soon so I'll get it then.

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I suppose I have different interests than them but I hope they wouldn't call me pathetic and a loser just for having different interests. The problem with pointing your finger is that there are always three pointing back at you.

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Personally, I'll wait until things die down a bit. Passed my local Softbank shop this morning and it looked pretty crowded. I also don't want to pay any kind of contract cancellation fee since my phone is still under contract. For those asking what changes the 5C/S bring to the line of iPhones, there was a JT article a short while ago with details, or you can do a simple search of the internet, but a quick summary is: thumb-print recognition (for security), OS7 (which itself brings quite a bit), better front and rear cameras. The 5C is plastic and a much cheaper handset. And if you're a sucker for style, it has different colors.

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Get out there, join the line and update, folks.Don't be left behind with that well out of date 6-month-old junk - I'ts what Steve would want.

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

OK, the 5S screen/icons etc look exactly like my old 3S that I couldn't get rid of fast enough (good riddance). Android for the win!!

-6 ( +4 / -10 )

Im not a sucker nor do I have money to burn. I have an iPhone and a Mac and Apple TV and they all work simply and integrate easily together - Im satisfied. Im glad there are competing systems, thats good for everyone and fact I wish there were 4 or 5 solid choices of systems instead of the current 2 or 3. Anyone attacking people because of the phone system they use is simply proving that they have some personal issues going on. Why do you care? Does it make you feel tough or cool to put down someone with an iPhone? I cant understand waiting for even 10 minutes to get a new phone but I wont expend energy or time belittling people because they find it exciting. Frankly, I dont line up for anything but I dont feel superior to those who wait for an hour for a snack at Disneyland or for a week for a new gadget. Freedom to be free.

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Is it more crazy than to stand or sit in a crowd for hours to see which team will get a ball in a net more times than the other? Sometimes being part of a crowd is fun. Most times I don't get it. But no need to knock those who do.

I've always wanted to try that pitch in over night in a line for something experience, but I've just never found something I wanted enough.

I'm still using a 4, so I'll upgrade to the 5s, when the lines are long gone.

4 ( +7 / -3 )

You would be better served burning your money.

-6 ( +6 / -12 )

enjoy iOs7.

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

once unbeatable?

it still is.. quarter after quarter, it's the highest selling phone in most if not all markets.

-1 ( +6 / -7 )

it still is.. quarter after quarter, it's the highest selling phone in most if not all markets.

No... on Q2 Galaxy S4 sold 23 million units, iPhone 5 sold 22 million units.

-2 ( +4 / -6 )

My mother-in-law pointed something out, when we browsed the 'Hokkaido Fair', at Mitsukoshi, last weekend. She said, "Japanese people love lining up for things. It doesn't even have to be special, or all that interesting. If there's a line, people here will join it."

When you compound that with the fact that people here go crazy for anything advertised as new, and Apple pushes these 'new' models out every year, it's no wonder they see such success here.

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Yeah, samsung is selling more units, but a look at web traffic stats shows iOS users dominate, in spite of their smaller numbers. So iOS people actually use their silicon in comparison.

Also, for who is 'winning', look up the pareto principle. Tho it may change (and probably will) apple has the profitable part of the market cornered, while android covers the commoditized part.

And also also, maybe android should not be viewed as a single entity. Because they don't number them, you get things like jelly bean, ice cream sandwich, and gingerbread. Another way to look at android is that "it" is really several different operating systems, that are so customized along the way that an upgrade will be anything but easy, if even possible. You're better off buying a new phone/tablet, and even then you may not get the latest android os, or be able to easily upgrade to it.

Meanwhile, iOS7 is available for immediate download on a range of older apple devices. Sure, that range of older devices could/should be bigger, but at least it's there, and almost automatic.

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I'm sorry but this article depressed me instead of getting me excited about the next iPhone. Interview more people. How far away did people come to get the phone? Who was the oldest, youngest. Any tents int he que? Why do they want the iPhone so badly to wait in such a line? Snag an interview of Batman there in the photo. Fun photo BTW. To the naysayers, let us Apple fans have our moment of joy instead of bashing us all the time. If you like your Android, well, that's just fine. More power to you. I don't beat you down for it. To those who hate the iPhone, I'm wondering, have you actually tried one? It works best if you also have an Apple laptop or iMac to sync with. I wouldn't get it if it were just a piece of jewelry. The thing just works well. Cheers.

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Well I think the new iOs7 is much better on my old iPhone 5, love the new interface

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I have a bog standard iPhone 5 (my first iPhone) and it's more like a mini PC than a phone, which is nice. I don't see me changing it anytime soon (well, got a 2 year contract so not until after that anyway.)

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I haven't heard/seen a single one of my iPhone using friends say anything positive so far about iOs7. To the contrary many have been whining about it being too much like Android after updating their phones. Priceless... :-)

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

“It’s not worth the price,” said Wang Ying, a Beijing-based analyst with consultant firm iResearch. Many domestically made smartphones are priced as low as $100."

Well, Wang, watch Apple sell enough of these to make a tidy profit.

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My iPhone 5 cradles on my handlebars for mountain biking, is an infinitely less annoying satnav than the one in the car, means I no longer have to carry a camcorder or camera and is a fast wireless modem for travel.

Thanks to OS7 it now takes 360 panorama still pictures, and is even a spirit level for DIY!

Oh, until Apple releases a fix, here's details of an IOS7 security weakness, and how to close it off: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-24170429

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These people need to get a life.

I still find my BlackBerry superior to apple anyway, at least predictive text can be used in several languages simultaneously, it was a challenge conversing on a friends iPhone 5 recently. Plus you can throw it across the room and it will still work.

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No need to wait in line forever for an iPhone. I had to stop by Bic Camera today to buy film for a shoot, and noticed that there were salespeople everywhere hawking new iPhones. I actually didn't know that today was the release date. I thought "what the hell, why not?", and bought one. As usual, I went to an electronics store to get something small, and left with much more than I intended.

I was the object of envy as I played with my new phone on the subway...

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Having dealt with Apple in the past, I know that I don't want to deal with them now or in the future!

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What is the difference between Iphone 5, Iphone 5c and Iphone 5s

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The I phone 5 is no different from the 5s what you get is a faster processor and the digital finger printing which I DON'T want, so for those of you who have never bought the I phone 4, or 5the most I guess it makes no difference, but for those who have and didn't upgrade be thankful you are not missing anything with the new upgrade. The new operating system is a steal for those who had the phone, to put it simply thanks Apple I have the new version with out the new option I don't want to be finger printed anyways LOL

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The 5S is a very nice phone. However, Apple could really need to increase the display to maybe 4.5" or 4.8" and camera can actually be 12 megapixel, then thats a better upgrade compared to 5S. Maybe you have to wait another year.

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If you have an iPhone 5. Just download iOS7, its like getting a new phone! My phones speed increased once I installed the new software. Not getting the 5s. Going to wait for the 6.

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Yeah, samsung is selling more units, but a look at web traffic stats shows iOS users dominate, in spite of their smaller numbers. So iOS people actually use their silicon in comparison.

Those web stats are disingenuous, they usually look at "Safari" which is the most common browser on Apple and the one most apple users use. Apple users typically stick with the defaults. The stats will show you the default android browser, which many android users don't use, they use chrome, or Opera, or Dolphin or Firefox, or the actually use APPS more than the browser itself. An android user is probably less likely to be married to and constantly glued to the device too.

So one parameter - web usage on the browser and you can extrapolate how much a person uses their handset? Lovely.

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What a lot of bleating, negative comments!

If you don't like Apple, don't buy Apple products.

In any case, the new iPhone is selling like your actual hotcakes:


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In any case, the new iPhone is selling like your actual hotcakes...

That's great Bertie. I'm sure the kids in the Chinese sweatshops, er I mean production lines, are happy.

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I can see a lot of ex-Android people happy with their new IPhones from the picture. What Apple should have done is stay with the old form factor <,=3GS (iPhone classic line), and 4 being a whole new line/system and then the 5 line. Each line would have been different with similarities. It is easier finding accessories for the iPhone that any other, I never upgraded from the "Classic" line (shape changed with the 4, +power plug with the 5). iPhone 1, 3, 3GS user. Android (Virgin) HTC Evo5, Nook HD 7" (Android tablet).

Have been trying the cheaper cell plans (non-contract, sim only) and the coverage and service can be spotty or/or minimal for data (calls are good.. In my opinion not worth the savings if you really use you phone for data/Internet = get a 2yr contract with a new (subsidized) phone and you will be more happy

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9 million iPhones sold over the weekend!

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