iPhone sales stalling as rivals gain: survey


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Apple phones still have great software but the hardware is getting really old and needs a total overhaul very soon (like now)

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Agreed apple's designs are now boring.

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But we are already in the second half of the year. Was this article written somewhere like January?

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This is typical of all Apple product cycles, people just wait for the next model. Failure of the iPhone is just competitor spin copy designed to tickle the ears of their stockholders. Utterly consistent behaviour. The disinformation comes around before every product upgrade Apple have ever made. Lift the bar and write a decent story? Just how gullible do you think your readers are?

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Why would anyone want to buy such outdated technology? Apple has stalled.

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Ford gave the world mass-produced cars, and though they are not the biggest car maker they are still making money.

Apple gave the world smart phones and though they are not the biggest smart phone maker they are still making money.

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Just wait until you see the new iOS coming soon for your iPhones. I watched the video about in on the Apple website and it blew me away! I''ve actually been really happy with my iPhone 5 since I got it last year. Perfect size and 4G.

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Since when is a 16 million-unit full-year sales increase considered flat?

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I think a lot of the so-called 'stall' is from consumers who have not updated their iPhones and not because of the competitions' copies. I still have an iPhone 4, as do many of my friends. I am patiently waiting for the new model this year to update. I would never buy an Android phone after seeing my colleagues struggle with the frustration of failing batteries and freezing software. I also remember seeing someone drop their Google phone at a train station and it shattered into five or slices of plastic rubbish.

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Blackberry 10 has been astounding? Have they not followed Blackberry earning recently? The company is dead. z10 is not moving. FACT. Where do they find these "analysts"?

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I bet if China opened up to Apple, they would be able to really increase their sales!!

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Sales are good but would be better if Apple didn't allow $oftbank to rip people off the way they do!

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what a garbage story, one analyst trying to dump on Apple. They increased their sales by 16 million in one year and it gets called "flat". Other companies wish they had such "problems". Most laughable is mention of threat from Blackberry. Apple still has very strong brand loyalty, and for good reason.

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C'mon people, update those old iPhones immediately! It's what Steve would want.

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Jellybean 4.2 is a more advanced and versatile than iOS. Earlier versions such as the popular 2.3 gingerbread were debatable when put side by side with iOS, but not anymore. Android has been evolving rapidly. iOS has been playing it safe. HTC one, Galaxy S4 Nexus 4, Xperia Z running 4.2 are definitely giving the iPhone 5 a run for it's money, which is still nice piece of hardware it's not at the cutting edge anymore. It is being passed by. Apple need to catch up and there is a lot of pressure for iOS7 to be something special and as for the next iphone? rumour has it ( rife all over respectable tech blogs and news sites) that it's going ot have a bigger screen at 4.3in.

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Running jelly-bean 4.2.3 on my nexus and no probs so far. Even my die-hard apple-fan friends like it.

I think the 'flat' means that the sales were below the projected target figures. Said that Google and Microsoft figures were also lower than expected.

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The quality of the iPhone 5 is not so good. They need to make something that is more resistant like the iPhone 4. Perhaps water proof Titanium body!

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I think the Android OS needs a bit more polish. I have the HTC One and it's pretty cool, but the UI is still not very intuitive and I'm disappointed that it still has the same battery drainage issue that the older Android phones had (probably due to the fact that the apps have more access to the OS). Android apps need more polish as well.

It is pretty comical how the bigger HTC One makes the tiny iPhone 4S look like a toy, but I don't think that the iPhone 5 is that bad.

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No surprise... But I do hope that some people will continue to be loyal to Apple. Helps keep our Androids cheap and and the developers on their toes.

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