iPhone to share the spotlight with services at Apple's big event


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Face it, Apple is about 2 years or more behind in terms of 5G and foldable phones. If you like the convenience fine

I like the convenience. I'd rather have my ecosystem than a folding phone, which really isn't something I care about.

5G is a big one though. I'll probably have to upgrade again when 5G is available and Apple offers an iphone that can use it.

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Face it, Apple is about 2 years or more behind in terms of 5G and foldable phones. If you like the convenience fine, but the rest of us will move on. Plenty of better cheaper phones out there.

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Will never buy another iPhone or Apple product. How they screw over the customer in their ToS is repugnant. You are not allowed to take your phone to an independent repairman or it voids the warranty. Go to the apple store, and they tell you you need to have five other things replaced, quadrupling the price.

True story that happened to me: I went to get my Mac's battery replaced at the Apple Store (it's a 2013 model, so well out of Apple Care). I was told it would cost about 160$. I receive an email telling me my keyboard, touchpad, and some other sensor needed to be replaced as it was EoL. They wanted over 600$. For that amount I could buy a new, decent laptop.

I took my Mac to an independent repair shop and they swapped the battery for a little over 100$. I'm writing this post from that same Mac.... battery works great and all of the 'EoL' hardware is still working fine.

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you do know you can’t just make up prices right? The 1TB note 10+ is still just a rumor. It hasn’t been announced and no price has been announced. If you have secret insider information from Samsung, please share.

The foldable is a different phone in and of itself. When you compare like models, Apple is more expensive. If you want to throw prices at unreleased phones, the new bigger iPhone 11 Max plus is going to be $2000 for 512GB.

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The XR is supposed to be Apple’s cost effective phone. ¥98,000 is very high for a cost effective model. The Google and Samsung cost effective models are around ¥60,000.

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Apple has the most expensive phones.

Examples: Note 10 is $1049 for the 512GB the 10+ is $1149 for the 512GB. Last years note phones were only $949.

The Note is the equivalent for the Apple Xs Max. The Xs Max is $1449 for the 512GB model. That is the current price for a year old model.

How is Samsung more expensive?

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iPhone 11. Everything remains the same except the operating system and a new A13 bionic chip that operates at 0.005 faster than the A12. Price: 30% higher than last years model.

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