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iPhone X puts exclamation point on Apple's pricing strategy


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If there's demand, they can price it at much as they want. The iFans will pay whatever price it is, no matter how expensive.

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The iFans will pay whatever price it is, no matter how expensive.

"ifans" that's a sad thought, but an accurate description for sure.

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I am soooo glad I kicked my apple addiction. This pricing is just absurd!! My current phone cost 25,000yen with a 10gig plan for 3000 a month on top. It doesnt make sense to pay so much money for something that can be lost or broken easily.

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The iphone is not bad persee but the user-friendliness is below par. Synching between multiple computers is impossible without losing content, copying content from pc to iphone is impossible, battery life is short, bloody icloud login warning (while fixed now) when I never used it, update apps every bloody day, and many other illogical things that I can't remember now.

The camera is the only thing that is interesting about the iPhone X.

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''iFans'' is a great name for that group of groupies. Not getting a dime from this Android guy. My iPod lasted 2 months after I bought it 11 years ago and iTunes usually didn't have the songs I was looking for so I haven't touched an Apple product since. I am quite happy with what I have.

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speaking of which, my sturdy iPhone5 screen just froze up today. not sure what to do....

Completely froze? My wife's iPhone 6s screen froze up back in June and we couldn't turn it off as usual... the swipe would not work. I tried pressing and holding the power and home buttons together and surprisingly that worked. She hasn't had a problem since Don't know if it would work for you but maybe give it a go. Hold them for a decent length of time until the phone shuts off... then power up again as usual.

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You can try to use SyncIOS for sync'ing the iPhone - it does that better than iTunes.

I have an iPhone, cant say I like it more than others... prior to it, I used to have a non-smart phone. At least with that, dialing a number as a whole lot easier and less prone to accidental screen presses. Now would I splash out yet more money for something that doesnt really seem to (a) work, or (b) be that useful ? Guess it'll be one of those Status system .... owning the latest in order to keep up with the Jones's...

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On Tuesday, for instance, Apple also introduced a TV streaming box that will sell for $179, far more than similar devices

The Apple TV is lagging way behind the Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and Google Chromecast (all can be had for less than $50) - and they're still pricing it way more than the competition. Earlier versions of Apple TV used to cost as low as $69 - they're going the other way with pricing

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bought my iphone5 in akihabara for 80,000yen on 2012. still works fine for me.... i might get the iphone6 next year if my i5 broke.... but this iphonex is tempting though

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The one asking is not stupid, the one paying it is...

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"aspirational gadgets"

Some cling to gadgets when it comes to feeling "aspirational." Others (like me) have more important things on their minds.

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I like Apple products, but this is just too much money for too little development in my opinion. I don't see anything new here to motivate me to drop $1000 on it.

I actually hope this is a big miss and Apple need to go back to the table to bring something new and what people want. Apple are on cruise mode right now and need to be pushed back into a situation where they need to work harder to get customers.

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By creating curiosity Apple is taking advantage of Real time marketing, Which is natural in the initial process of new product. SOON more will out to capture the eye of customer.

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"aspirational gadgets" - the i-ron lung.

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This will be another success story for Apple, yes there are cheaper phones but they don't offer an experience comparable to IPhone in my opinion. iPhone is also a device that holds its value at resale. I will sell my one year old iPhone 7 Plus (as usual) to offset the price of my new silver 256GB iPhone X. Buying a new iPhone is a choice, nice to know there are other less expensive devices if one desires an Android or other phone. Apple all the way!!

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yes there are cheaper phones but they don't offer an experience comparable to IPhone in my opinion.

You're right, they offer a much better experience, at a much lower price.

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