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Is AI the future of art?

By Jordi ZAMORA and Jules BONNARD

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If the situation continues as it is right now, with human intervention making the AI the tool to produce things the results can be accepted as art without problem, once the machine becomes the sole originator is when things will become troublesome to define (but definitely interesting to see).

If anything I don't think artists will be completely out of their jobs because of technology, but that worry may be valid for the practical applications of art, like design. If there comes a point where a client can just describe what kind of image they want for a product and a machine immediately produces a couple dozens of acceptable designs, then a lot of artists will be out of a job.

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Short answer? No.

When AI becomes capable of making its OWN rules, then it can be considered to have created art.

But real AI still doesn't exist.

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Art is DEAD !!!

Long live the Hobbyist.

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No. 'AI' isn't even very good tech.

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AI in war,

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Some of the "music" using samples of actual song writers is almost AI. I don't like such music.

No computer will ever "create" anything as good as "Yesterday" by the Beatles.

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