iSad: Digital titans, gadget junkies mourn Jobs


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Steve Jobs .R.I.P. Keep guiding us from your own i-cloud in the sky, unfortunately, you got to go there in reality,.The world has lost a great dreamer and a visionary.

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Its terrible when someone dies at 56, whether it be a successful businessman or the guy sweeping the streets..but all this outpour of grief about someone who improved existing products and knew how to market them borders on downright silly. If you feel that this man has changed our lives, then thats a statement of how shallow our values and lives have become. Sure Jobs was a great business man, sure he was a great marketer and sure he was a great person to those who loved him...but he never found the cure for cancer or hayfever, he never found a way to make blind children see he evolutionized (if this is a word) existing products and marketed in such great way that people thought we needed them and let us pay for it..dearly. Not a bad word about the man, but this ridiculous idolizing has to stop!

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Thanks. I was starting to think I was the only one...

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What is wrong with people hese days? I was listening to UK radio yesterday and he was being compared to Edison and Baird.A business man has died, ok, but he world goes on, we didn' know him personally,

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“Thanks for showing that what you build can change the world,” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wrote.


Getting tired of this news. It is done, so move on. And Dutchduck, you are 100% on.

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repeat after me... I am not defined by the products I buy. My computer is not a part of my identity. My computer is a tool, and like all tools, it is only useful if i make it useful. A brand is not a lifetstyle. I don't owe gratitude to a billionare I helped create. Steve Jobs was a business man, who charged exhorbitantly for his products. He didn't do us any favors. He didn't make us. We made him.

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While it is painfully inevitable that after the passing of someone that has changed the world so much, comes the bitter sickening comments from the people who will never leave a legacy one tenth that this man did. You are writing your snidey little comments on computers or phones that regardless of brand or operating system still have his mark upon them. The Internet was born using one of his machines, the first true home computer, the mouse, the graphical user interface, home printers, pixar movies, iPod, iPhone, iPad. What he achieved in one short lifetime is amazing, and when people are sad because of his passing it does not show a shallow a world it is we live in, but reading these needless comments from nobodies shows what a shallow soul-less world they must inhabit. RIP Steve Jobs.

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Yes, he was an incredibly shrewd man, innovator, visionary and a great marketer he also had many flaws. But lets pay our respects and move on, The outpouring of grief is like some apple "addicts" aren't going to get their tech "fix" ever again now that their "dealer" of choice has passed on. Apple co is still filled with the same brilliant minds that created the Ipod, the iphone and ipad. Jobs had the ideas, others put them into reality. They are still on the trail that he blazed. Though I do wonder what product he thought we needed next, he had a knack of predicting the future like no other.

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I am sad that he left so early. What more would he have achieved if Mr. Cancer had not cut him down? Will just have to be thankful that we had him making our world more "rounded corners" for the time we did.

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It's a sharp reminder to all that no matter who you are, you can't escape the inevitable. It's sad that such a brilliant innovator has left us so early in his life. I can only imagine what he might have done had he lived a longer life.

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gorgeousninjaOct. 07, 2011 - 09:22PM JST The Internet was born using one of his machines, the first true home computer, the mouse, the graphical user >interface, home printers, pixar movies, iPod, iPhone, iPad.

Technically, the internet was "born" from the US Military, then later adopted and expanded on by IBM, TI, Jobs had little to do with that. ALL of those products you mentioned, except the mouse, were someone elses inventions, he just improved on them.

His strong suit was in business, marketing, and design. The hardware part of all Apples product is actually mediochre at best. Only it's implimentation is the part that stands out.

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Nope the mouse was created by Douglas engelbart, Jobs created the applephiles...

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