iTourTranslator helps people translate a phone call or WhatsApp voice calls in real time


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Interesting sales release picked by JT and Business wire.

Example of technology pushing boundaries - if not this mob then certainly by someone else.

Wonder about extent to which the 英会話 market may gravitate towards the technology, even given the coronavirus situation.

Well, there still are the Eiken, TOEFL/TOEIC and school tests to give teachers a hand.

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When I’m in China, people just speak into their smartphone and the devise speaks back in English. In japan, they bow politely and run away.

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Just tried the app, doesn’t work , the developer from china and who knows how they respect privacy or what happen to your data ?

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Also if you don’t add value to the app in form of recharge credits it won’t work . Basically it’s a bit of a scam …

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I'm wondering whether it can handle more complex conversations, based on the answer in the photo above, "I'm fine thank you how?" (Huh?) I think translation apps should stop focusing on simple sentences and really try to break the barrier with difficult sentences and idioms. But how you go about doing this is beyond me.

I'm just tired of getting, "Our chicken toes friendly payment service are not working. Please rot while tomorrow is under a oblong bone pizza pineapple. We apologize while a tatami smiles. Thank you for come again."

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BTW, I have not tried the app. I hope it works.

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