Jack Dorsey steps down as Twitter CEO


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Great news!

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Creepy guy.

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A generation ago it was the church and conservative people who were the moral majority silencing free speech, and the liberal minority rightly campaigned for free speech. Now the places are reversed and liberals like Dorsey are the moral police and speech censors.

At least the churches/conservatives gave us hospitals, schools, shelters for the homeless and DV victims, orphanages, etc. Dorsey and his crowd have done very little for the poor.

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well and who cares?

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Sewing, a lost art.

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unless you use vulgar/threatening language, written words shouldnt be censored. Getting your opinion deleted by someone who felt offended/had a different opinion just shows how flawed this website is. And people even go on and censor themselves to be able to go play in their field, ridiculous

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Good news!

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What the hell does that have to do with anything?

Blocking support tweets and the lawyer's account. You tell me.

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From bad to worse.

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There’s more freedom of speech in North Korea than on Twitter. They barred me from further usage for a tweet just only describing a situation and then offered me immediate re-entry if I recall and delete my own words there. Unbelievable, how ultra psycho that company has been. I doubt that it becomes any better if only the visible head changes now.

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Twitter...Snap Chat...Tik Tok...Facebook....Really people? Get a life.

Just a friendly reminder that the election wasn’t stolen.

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