Fujitsu brings hand washing AI to COVID-19 fight


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Unneeded and a waste of time....

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The AI can't identify people from their hands, but it could be coupled with identity recognition technology so companies could keep track of employees' washing habits, said Suzuki.

This is just creepy.

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what more useless?? try to make a AI sensor for corruption and power-harassment please

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Is that AI or more like Big brother watching you ?

It may claim false negative...

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For me the scary part is just how INVASIVE tech is getting, I cant even imagine the ways govt & companies are SPYING on us all at present. I think we are not to far off with having to be microchipped at birth & only god knows what else.

Glad I am closer to end than the beginning of life, cause its getting worse & worse at an alarming rate!

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"Fujitsu are masters of wasting time"

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Well, they certainly aren't going to put these in any men's rooms in public places, because most of those in Japan don't have soap to begin with, or have those automatic soap dispensers which don't work.

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