Japan's innovation community to showcase record number of startups at CES


The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) has announced that 53 technology startups will join global technology leaders in representing Japan at CES 2021, which will take place virtually from Jan 11-14. The number of Japanese startups exhibiting at this year's J-Startup Pavilion, which JETRO organizes, has nearly doubled from a year ago amidst the country's growing focus on the innovation economy.

The J-Startup companies encompass a broad spectrum of product categories, including AI, health, wearables, robotics, IoT, smart home, transportation, blockchain, energy, and space tech, as well as anti-coronavirus technologies. Company names, product details, and website addresses can be found on the J-Startup Pavilion website.

On Jan 13, from 6-8 p.m., JETRO will also host " JAPAN Session: Transforming the Super Aging Society into a Super Smart Society," via YouTube live stream (viewable here ). With one in four Japanese age 65 or older, the Japan Session aims to offer insights and solutions to the myriad problems that arise from an aging population. The panel will feature emerging leaders in the country's innovation community who will share their breakthrough technologies, visions, and strategies for creating a thriving "super-smart" world that is barrier-free for all.

"We are proud to present an extensive lineup of novel technologies from Japan, all of which have the potential to transform the way people live around the world," JETRO Executive Vice President Ichiro Sone said. "J-Startup companies' record turnout for CES 2021 reflects their enthusiasm for using CES as the launching pad to expand their businesses globally. It's also a testament to the governmental policies that are designed to boost innovation activities. We look forward to hearing how the J-Startup innovators, who work on the front line of the 'super-aging society,' envision our future at the Japan Session."

Detailed information about the exhibitors, as well as the Japan Session, can be found on the CES 2021 JAPAN / J-Startup Pavilion website:

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Japan never did any successful startup since Mercari, and that was back on 2013.

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Well it is a technology showcase anyway so that’s good. It is very rare to see innovation presented in the CES making it to the consumers. It is a bit like concept car in automotive show.

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Mui board was a kickerstarter. I think you can still pre-order. Also of note Sony released right away at CES. They have been stuck in the old world thinking that they were still top dog by releasing at the end of the show. All the while letting the Korean and Chinese makers steal most of the thunder (and marketshare) at the show. Impressive lineup of TVs. Will be interesting to see if they claw back some marketshare in 2021.

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