Japan's battleship Yamato to be reproduced with VR tech


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um. Nice. I guess. You know, in the mid-90s, people made levels for the game DOOM all the time, and included various famous places. and I know there was a boom for many museums and famous locations to incorporate VR representations.. about 15 years ago.

So this is not NEW NEW. I guess the representation will be nicer and all that, but the idea itself is so old that it is probably not patentable, meaning that if it had been patented, the patent is already expired.

So I guess I am supposed to be impressed that it is the Yamato, but the ship was grey on the outside and beige on the inside, so.. it is a good student project and all, but ..

Well, ok. I guess I will give this a golf clap and move on....

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I visited the Yamato museum at Kure last month, just in time for the new exhibition featuring pictures of the latest dive on the wreck. The ship is just massive.

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Wishing much success in this VR project! I've been to the Kure Museum 3 times, each time very fascinating. I have seen some good books with many computer generated illustrations of the Yamato exterior however I haven't seen any with interior views. It would be great if the VR project also include a tour of the bridge, passages, engine rooms, etc. if there are any available data for that.

While visiting the museum, don't forget to go across the street and also visit the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force's submarine museum. The submarine Akishio on display and you can tour a through part of it.

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