Japan's Fugaku keeps position as fastest supercomputer in world


Japan's Fugaku supercomputer has retained its position as the world's fastest in terms of computing speed in a twice-yearly ranking by the U.S.-European TOP500 project after capturing the slot in June, its developer Riken research institute said Tuesday.

The supercomputer, named after an alternative word for Mt Fuji, also took the top spot in three other categories measuring performance in computational methods for industrial use, artificial intelligence applications and big data analytics, making Fugaku the world's first supercomputer to dominate the four categories for two consecutive rankings, the state-backed institute said.

Fugaku performed over 442 quadrillion computations per second, around three times faster than the Summit system developed by the U.S. Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

The Japanese supercomputer, which was jointly developed with Fujitsu Ltd at Riken's facility in Kobe, forms a key foundation for powerful simulations used in scientific research and the development of industrial and military technologies.

"Simulations by Fugaku can significantly contribute to resolving social issues such as medical care and climate change," Satoshi Matsuoka, director of the Riken Center for Computational Science, told an online press conference.

The Riken-Fujitsu supercomputer was transported in May to the Riken center in the western Japanese city, the same location that housed its predecessor, the K supercomputer which was decommissioned last summer.

The K supercomputer was the world's first to make over 10 quadrillion computations per second. It ranked No. 1 in June 2011 and retained the top spot for a year.


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Vietnamese and Chinese computers are much better/faster.

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Question, other than saying I’ve got the fastest super duper computer, how is that going to benefit society?

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Looking forward too many more nice virus anime imaging. Really need a supercomputer for that.

only real is to be able to say “ I got the biggest”

something I sadly never been able to say

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You can feel the heat when passing by on the Portliner.

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Looks like they're doing some research about COVID19 with that machine.

As they fired the COVID19 experts team for contradicting the government, i wonder if they'll shut down the supercomputer if the results contradict the government.

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Is Fugaku faster than Deep Thought?

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"Is Fugaku faster than Deep Thought?"

Is this enough for you?

"Fugaku, world's fastest supercomputer, searches for coronavirus treatment"


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Peeping tom. Negative.

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Peeping Tom,

Well, Deep Thought took seven and a half million years to calculate the answer to an equally tricky conundrum, so I'd say, yes, Fugaku is definitely faster.

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Vietnamese and Chinese computers are much better/faster.

Discounting the Vietnamese segment for a second, I don't think why you need to make a nonsensical comment. You just need to put China, and it is now logical. Bitterness has time and place.

China is packed for the long game. They will release another one that will surpass Fugaku soon. Supercomputing race is for those with deep pockets. China and the US have a lot of it.

Well, Deep Thought took seven and a half million years to calculate the answer to an equally tricky conundrum, so I'd say, yes, Fugaku is definitely faster.

Nah, he or she is just bitter of my late comments on both countries. He has to go everywhere to protect his precious Nihon. He claims himself as British but I suspect him just an another Japanese netto uyoku.

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