Japan's largest esports facility opens in Osaka


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Sounds more exciting than Round 1

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They chose the perfect time to open. "Schools closed? We got you covered. Send us your children for only ¥1,500 to ¥2,000 per person. No virus here."

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Pls do not be funny, Life is most important. Not just yr interests. I will boycott this place , capitalism to taken to this level. U guarantee every bodies safety ???.

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Good luck to Japan

The only e-sports they play are fighting games

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Are there any kinds of sports kids (adults) can play where don't have to pay money anymore?

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I've been a gamer since 1978, when my uncle gave me an old "Pong" console that had a toggle switch to change between 3 different versions of pong, and I never looked back. My son would rather watch someone else playing crappy, cheap, Robox type games on you tube all day long rather than play himself on his nice gaming rig I built for him myself. And from what I hear, that is a common occurrence among all of my friends children. I just don't feel the appeal in watching someone else have fun when I could be having that fun myself...…….

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