Mitsubishi to work with Shell in producing green hydrogen


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They can trick themselves and the masses but surely not me. It’s neither green nor completely CO2-free. Chances are, that it’s not even non-nuclear.

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Intriguing comment Sven Asai, but there’s nothing to get to grips with. Can you explain yourself?

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This is not the only such project in the EU today. The idea is to produce hydrogen using electricity that is produced by either solar or wind power. The plants will only produce hydrogen when they have solar or wind power available, sort of a situation where you make hay when the sun shines. The idea is to figure out how to produce enough hydrogen during times renewable power is available to both be profitable and meet the growing demand for hydrgen.

Btw, there are similar efforts to produce green ammonia. Ammonia either unmixed or mixed with hydrogen are fuels being tested now for maritime applications.

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