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Toshiba retreats from coal-fired power stations


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Thank you, Toshiba. It would be even better if you shelved current projects to bring new coal-fired power stations on line. Profit before planet, eh?

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Lol, they will cease to build new coal powered stations for now, but in reality, Lipservice works wonders!

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It is a step in the right direction.

Have said this many times, but seems to me that there are forms of renewable energy that are being underutilized in Japan. For instance, as an island nation, there must be many opportunities for wind power installations. Islands typically have a lot of wind coming off the ocean. Also, geothermal. Not all nations have a lot of geothermal potential, but sitting on the Pacific Ocean Rim of Fire, Japan has tremendous geothermal potential. As for hydropower, the straits between islands typically funnel ocean currents into something that could be tapped for power. As for solar power, photovoltaic panels have become so efficient, and so cheap, that they are now as practical as gas fired turbines in many parts of the world.

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"Society is moving towards carbon-neutral power," the Toshiba spokeswoman said, noting the firm has also set its own goal of slashing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050.

Wow, looks like Suga’s pledge to make a country carbon neutral by 2050 didn’t fall on deaf ears. I mean I’m not saying that it was going to, but it’s nice to see such action so quickly, but one of Japan’s major companies.

And yes, Toshiba should scrap its current cold fired power plants, but let’s not spoil the moment now shall we?

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