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Japan Akita dog society issues digital pedigrees to combat forgery


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I loooooove dogs, but find the Akita inu soooo boring. They're probably the most antisocial breed I've encountered.

I feel the same also about Shibas to a large extent. Japanese breeds seem fine for their family members but they're not very friendly with other people and dogs. I avoid them when I encounter them while walking my dog.

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Lovely Dogs like all other dogs, Humans Best Friend.

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What blockchain are they using?

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I loooooove dogs, but find the Akita inu soooo boring. They're probably the most antisocial breed I've encountered.

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the branding of dog breeds is purely a human construction and does not lead to better health for the dogs

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In my country an Akita puppy can cost between the equivalent of three hundred thousand to six hundred thousand JPY.

It's good that this is being introduced so that the next time someone wants to buy an Akita puppy they will know if it's a pure bred from Japan or just a puppy bred by local breeders (in that case chances are it will be a mixed breed) which is being passed off as pure bred.

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All here, including the use and application of blockchain tech....

What's Meta Akita?


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I am not a dog person and woud never have one at home, but this is the first picture I have seen of an Akita and they look lovely, but may be they are not in reality.

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Seems like pedigree certificates should be unnecessary if a DNA test can prove "breed purity". Probably the best way to identify if that particular dog has inherited defects too. DNA testing should be relatively cheap compared to the price those dogs go for these days.

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 issues digital pedigrees to..

ensure that they lock and control their monopoly so they can profit from owning the breed. Business as usual in Japan.

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I think the Japanese are becoming more insular as their currency collapses.

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It's just a dog. Who cares.

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Looks kinda evil.

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