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Animal ventilator maker looks to boost output for human coronavirus patients


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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told parliament that his government had secured over 8,000 ventilators necessary to treat patients in serious condition.

Secured from where ?

8000 ? isn't it the same number that he said Japan had the potential to perform PCR test.

What became of the 15.3 billion yen that was allocated in early February from the supplementary budget to boost mask production and Suga promised by mid february the mask problem will be solved. Well it was just a pledge, waiting for my 2 washable cloth mask.

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For me this is a perfect example of the dearth of imagination in the Japanese manufacturing sector.

A Japanese medical equipment maker said it has been approached by Japan's government to mass produce its animal ventilators to treat people diagnosed with the new coronavirus, and that other countries have also expressed interest.

United States, Britain and India are among over 30 countries the company is talking to.

The initiative didn't come from the company even when the field was wide open for them.

Honda Soichro or Matsushita Konosuke would have seen this opportunity for what it is and jumped on it.



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@drlucifer Instead of waiting for the government you could have gone to Daiso already and bought materials for making your own masks.

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declassified: 2020/03/31

Information provided by residents at the epicenter of the CCP virus in Wuhan, China, indicates that the real death toll there could be over 32,000, which is 12.7 times the official figure. What will Japan be expecting and will our hospitals have that many readily available equipment handy based on now factual data that was not reported by CCP.

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declassified: 2020/03/31

By who? Sounds like something a conspiracy theorist would add to their post to make it look more official.

It may be true, but without a link, it looks pretty suspicious.

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VENTILATOR survival rate Covid19, only 14% survive once put on ventilator

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VENTILATOR survival rate Covid19, only 14% survive once put on ventilator

Stats without links are just ramblings.

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